How To Publish Google Ad-sense Ads On Your Blogger Blog

How To Publish Google Ad-sense Ads On Your Blogger Blog
How to publish Google Ad-sense ads on your blogger blog
It is very important to have plenty of content on your blog before to publish ads. The best and foremost suggestion to online money makers from their blog is to "Spend time writing posts, not thinking about ads". Integrating ads into your blog is easier than writing quality and informative posts.



How To Create Table Of Content Or Sitemap Page In Blogger Blog

How to create table of content or sitemap in blogger

Table of content called as sitemap of your blog provides your blog readers a steering platform that is designed for them to go through their much required topic much easily. Blogger does not provide such kind of widget but it can be externally added. While the blog archive and labels have all the information about the published post, these do not appear on a single page completely hence searching for more posts is not always easy.



How To Delete Duplicate Contacts At Once On Mobile

How to delete duplicate contacts on mobile at once
How to delete duplicate contacts on your mobile

It is common that a single mobile number saved 2-3 times with different names on your mobile. There may be lot of duplicate contacts have saved on your mobile which you may not be aware. These duplicate numbers may confuse you during call and you may select wrong contact to call. This mostly happens when you factory reset a device and sync contacts or change SIM and accidentally sync all contacts. This can completely mess the contacts, making it hard to navigate through contacts.



Best Alternatives To WhatsApp. Try Hike And Telegram Messengers

Those who have a smart phone with Internet connection are definitely aware of WhatsApp. Telegram and Hike Apps are now used mainly as an alternative to WhatsApp. As an effect of Make in India many people were maligning Telegram App on social networks saying it is Indian App and we as Indians should use it. Users like me and you shared the app to others even not knowing actual fact about Telegram. In real the Telegram Messenger technology is originally from Russia. If you would like to say any other messenger App as Indian, that is only Hike messenger. In this article we will learn some specialties in Hike and Telegram Apps.

How To Know Who Has Visited Your Facebook Profile

How to find out your Facebook profile visitor

All of us know that Facebook is a world’s biggest and most popular social media website. Facebook is having most users than any other social media websites.
As a Facebook user you can set who are all can visit your Facebook profile, but it is very difficult to know who are all visited your profile page recently. Now a days Facebook users are more curious to know who are all visited their Facebook profile.


How To Add AdSense Page-level Ads To Blog

How to add Adsense page-level ads

To monetize your blog content, AdSense Page-level Ads is the best and innovative opportunity. Page-Level Ads are most effective and well performing Ads since AdSense will automatically shows these Page-level Ads at optimal times. Page-level Ads are specially meant for mobile templates hence you can now display AdSense Ads right on your mobile templates also.