Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How To Delete Chat Conversations On Facebook

How to delete chat conversations on Facebook

All of us know that we can chat on Facebook unlimited. Some times the chat conversations on Facebook may create problem if your near one sees your secrete chat history. To keep your Facebook personal account secretes you may need to delete some secrete chat conversations to avoid from someone to see. In recent years "Facebook" has taken the world by storm and become an important component in the field of communications. At its most simple level Facebook allows individuals to connect with each other on a one-to-one basis.
Significantly for businesses these one-to-one connections provide a ready-made source of referrals and word-of-mouth marketing that is practically impossible to duplicate in any other old-style communication medium.

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Without disturbing your daily routine work you can connect, talk and share the information online with your friends by Facebook without spending a single penny like phone calls and other connecting Medias.
When you chat with your friends on Facebook the conversations will be saved on your Facebook account as a history and you may check back those chat conversations any time. Sometimes these chat conversations saved on your account as a history needs to be deleted in view of security and maintain your secrete relationships. There are chances of third person may see your chat conversations had with your personal friend and may effect on your relationships. To avoid this exertion you can permanently delete your all chat conversations had with your friend.
Deleting Facebook chat conversations had with your friend is very easy and quick. Follow the below steps,

Step step instructions to delete Facebook conversations
Step 1:
Go to www.facebook.com and login to your account and click on Messages as shown below,
How to delete chat conversations on Facebook
Step 2:
Now you will see the friends list those who had chat with you. Click on your friend who you would like to delete conversations had with him/her > then click on Setting symbol at top right of the page > then click Delete conversations as shown below,
How to delete chat history on Facebook

Step 3:
Now click on Delete conversations in next popup window as shown below,
How to delete chat conversations on Facebook
Now you have deleted permanently all chat history had with your friend on Facebook.
Please note the all conversation had in chat with your friend will be available with your friend. You cannot delete those conversations available with your friend.
I think from above step by step instructions you can now delete your all Facebook chat conversations easily. This is the best feature available in Facebook so that you can easily delete chat conversions for your account security. For any technical help please comment below.

Friday, March 17, 2017

How to Check JIO 4G data Usage

How to Check JIO 4G data Usage

Now you can easily check your "JIO 4G" data usage and details about your "JIO plans" and postpaid bill through recently launched "JIO USSD" codes.
After understanding the "JIO offers" users have got their "JIO SIM" with free of cost and some users with money. Till 31st December 2016 all users will be getting free offers from "JIO" and after that you have use all plans from "JIO" with paying money. These plan are starting from Rs.149 to Rs.4999 for 28 days’ validity. From 1st January 2017 you have keep eye on your data usage as "JIO" is going charge on their all data plans. As "JIO" has released "USSD" codes you can easily check all your "JIO" balances with these "USSD codes".

Check your JIO main balance:
To check your JIO main balance there are two stages. By dialing *333# you can check your "JIO" number’s main balance. The second option is to send SMS as MBAL to 5533 and you will get detailed SMS about your balance.
How to Check JIO 4G data Usage

Check your JIO prepaid balance and validity:
SMS as BAL to 199 to get your prepaid balance and validity.

Know your bill amount:
You can also check your "JIO" service postpaid bill. To know your postpaid bill just SMS BILL to 199 and you will get your bill details very easily.

Know these "JIO tariffs":
If you are not aware of your tariff plan subscription you can know by sending SMS as MY PLAN to 199.
How to Check JIO 4G data Usage

To know you JIO number:
You can know your "JIO" number by dialing "USSD code" *1#.

4G data usage in JIO:
As JIO is charging for 4G data only you will get free phone calls and SMS with these 4G data plans. But you have to keep eye on your 4G data usage to avoid extra charges. You can control your 4G data usage by going to settings and then data usage on your smart phone.

Conclusion: the above explained "JIO plans" and USSD codes are very useful to keep control on your "JIO data plan" usage. You can easily manage your "JIO plans" by using these tricks and options available on your "JIO number". For any technical help please comment below.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How To Add AdSense Page-level Ads To Blog

How to add Adsense page-level ads

To monetize your blog content, Ad-Sense Page-level Ads is the best and innovative opportunity. Page-Level Ads are most effective and well performing Ads since Ad-Sense will automatically shows these Page-level Ads at optimal times. Page-level Ads are specially meant for mobile templates hence you can now display Ad-Sense Ads right on your mobile templates also.

Features of Page-level Ads
  • Simple to set up and with Page-level ads you only need to place the ad code on your pages once, and you put the same ad code on each page.
  •  Page-level Ads are optimized hence Ad-Sense will only show Page-level ads when they’re likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.
  • You can turn individual Page-level ad formats on or off from the My ads tab in your AdSense account.

Benefits of Page-level Ads
There are many benefits of AdSense Page-level Ads so that you can increase your AdSense revenue drastically.
  • Increases the AdSense revenue by 2-3 times.
  • It provides better user experience.
  • It does not come under 3 Ads limit.
  • Best suited for mobile templates.
Page-level Ads Types
There are two types of AdSense Page-level Ads at present
Anchor/overlay ads are mobile ads that stick to the edge of the user's screen and are easily admissible.

Vignette ads are mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads on your site and can be skipped by users at any time.
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How To Add Page-level Ads To Your Blog?
1.  Go to Ad-Sense and login to your account.
2.  Click the two toggle buttons to switch-on “Anchor/overlay ads” and “Vignette ads”

How to add Adsense page-level ads

3.   Scroll down and click the Get Code button then copy the code

How to add Adsense page-level ads

4.  Now go to Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML and search (Ctrl + F) for </head> tag

5.  Paste the Page-level Ad code above the </head> tag.
Note: You will also need to replace the attribute async with async=”async” in order to help complete the process, otherwise blogger will give you error message. Once completed the process save the blogger template.
How to add Adsense page-level ads

How to test whether Page-level Ads implemented on your blog or not?
After installation of Page-level Ads, get out your mobile device so you can test the AdSense Page-level Ads and see if they are working correctly. You will need to be a visitor to your site in order to check out the ads.
  • Type #googleads at the end of URL so you can start to access them.
  • Select the ad format from the tabbed box that will appear above the body of blog.
  • Check out the ads.
If you are impressed with what you see , then it is ready to go. Enjoy the AdSense Page-level Ads with full pledge.

How to Access BSNL 3G/4G Free Internet on Mobile & PC

How to Access BSNL 3G/4G Free Internet on Mobile & PC

If you are searching for free BSNL internet tricks online, then here is a trick to use BSNL 3G internet at free of cost. Here we are providing 100% working trick for those who want to use BSNL free Internet on their mobiles and PC’s. With the help of this trick you can get Free 3G or 4G internet balance without getting recharge on your BSNL number. We have experimented this tricks on our mobile and PC, it is working fine. The best features of this trick is, it works on both PC and android phone as well as works for both 2G and 3G internet connections. You just have to follow simple steps to use this trick, and get unlimited internet on your BSNL number.

This BSNL free 3G internet trick is very simple and every can easily use it on their BSN numbers. You just have to follow all the steps explained below. Many users enjoying free internet with this trick. Now it’s your turn to get free internet on your BSNL mobile.

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Requirements for BSNL Free Internet Trick
1.  BSNL 3G enabled SIM card.
2.  Zero balance on your SIM.
3.  A small 3G internet pack.
4.  APN for BSNL or BSNL GPRS settings.

With this trick you will never face speed capping problem and you can have unlimited download at high speed. It supports all http, https and torrents also. It is completely disconnecting free; you can enjoy it continuously for free without any disconnect.

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BSNL Free 3G internet for android
Step 1:
First download the Droid VPN app in your android phone. This VPN is helpful is setting up UDP port.

Step 2:
Now open your phone Access Point Settings and set your default APN as BSNLNET.

Step 3:
Now open your VPN app and set UDP port to 9201 and connect it.

Now enjoy the BSNL free 3G internet on your android using VPN.

How to Access BSNL 3G/4G Free Internet on Mobile & PC

BSNL FREE 3G Internet for PC
If you want to run free internet on your PC or laptop, then you must have to download NMD VPN and VPN configuration file.

Step 1:
First move the configuration file to NMD VPN folder.

Step 2:
Now run the VPN and connect using configuration file.

Step 3:
Now enjoy the BSNL free unlimited internet on PC.

BSNL Free Internet Trick using Proxy

How to Access BSNL 3G/4G Free Internet on Mobile & PC
Till now we have learnt how to run free internet on BSNL using VPN. Now I will teach you how to use BSNL free internet using proxy networks.

Step 1:
First Download the PD Proxy software into your PC.

Step 2:
Now create a new free account on PD proxy.

Step 3:
Now extract the PD Proxy and run it.

Step 4:
Now connect your BSNL dongle or Phone to your PC.

Step 5:
Now set the UDP port – 9201 or 9200 in PD proxy.

Step 6:
Now connect the PD proxy and try to run internet.

Now you can browse BSNL free high speed internet.

Conclusion: With above explained tricks you can easily use BSNL free internet on your android as well as on your PC without any difficulty. This trick is tested and working fine for all BSNL mobile numbers across the country. For any technical help comment below.

How to Download Streaming Videos Online

How to Download Streaming Video Online

Watching video streaming online is one of the most popular activity in today’s internet world. More than sixty percentage of people among online users prefer watching videos through online TV or other traditional platforms.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to Use Xiaomi Android Phone as Two Devices with Second Space Feature

How to Use Xiaomi Android Phone as Two Devices with Second Space Feature

You may be aware that you can use more than one account login on windows computers and laptops with different settings, apps, desktop, themes, and even different folder access. Do you think that it is better if such feature is available on android device? Yes, this feature is available with Xiaomi android phone originally allows android users to have multi account on their android phones. A device owner will be able to create different accounts and within that different account, the user can have different theme, different background picture, different Apps and so on. The feature called “Second Space” on Xiaomi android phones will facilitate to use your single phone as two devices with different settings, themes, Apps and even personal contact numbers. This feature is very useful for those who would like to use their android phone for two different purposes.

This Xiaomi’s newly developed unique feature called “Second Space” with their newly announced MIUI 8 provides MIUI users to have a very different work space within their Second Space. This feature designed is for users to have their own apps, files, folders, themes, photos, videos, background picture, ringtone, and so on. In short, not all things available in First Space are available within Second Space. Xiaomi has added data privacy and security functionalities within the original “Second Space” feature of Google android system.

This Second Space feature works like a “Virtual Desktop” feature. It will be very nice to have such feature since many users can get bored with the looks and feel of their phones whereas reinstalling the ROM would be grueling. Moreover, this feature greatly provides additional private area to the users. There are many possible advantages and usages of the Second Space feature.
Let us learn how to use this “Second Space” feature with your Xiaomi MIUI 8.

Step 1:
On your MIUI 8 android phone go to the "Settings" and click on "Second Space" as shown below in pictures
How to Use Xiaomi Android Phone as Two Devices with Second Space Feature
Step 2:
Now click on “Turn on Second space” and it will sets the all data and switches to second Space. Now simply swipe down the notification short cut shade menu and click on “Set up Second space” as shown below in pictures.
How to Use Xiaomi Android Phone as Two Devices with Second Space Feature

Step 3:
Now click on “Set” and set your password for Second Space by clicking on “Set Second space password” as shown in below pictures
How to Use Xiaomi Android Phone as Two Devices with Second Space Feature
Step 4:
Once the password set click on “Confirm” and the next pop-up box will appear. Now click “Next” and then click on “Import” to add photos to your “Second Space”. If you want to add, more entities to your Second Space again click on “Next” to add folders, Files, Apps etc. as shown below in screen shots.
How to Use Xiaomi Android Phone as Two Devices with Second Space Feature
Now you are all set. Now you can use your both spaces for your different uses with different set up like theme, settings, Apps and so on.
Hope enjoyed this distinct feature of Xiaomi MIUI 8. For any difficulties, please comment below,

Monday, March 13, 2017

How To Set Homepage In Google Chrome

If you are Google Chrome user, setting of home page is very easy. For an example if you have to set Google search engine as your home page, step by step procedure is explained here as below in three simple steps,

Step 1
Open the new chrome internet explorer by clicking on Chrome icon on your desktop or from your tool bar menu as shown below in screen shot.

How to set home page in google chrome
How to set google as home page
Step 2
After doing as said in step 1 click on Customize and control Google Chrome button at top right of your screen and Go to Settings as shown in below screen shot. (Do not bother whichever the page opened after doing as said in step 1)

How to set home page in google chrome
Step 3
Now mark the Show Home button and click on Change (Highlighted in blue color) then the small pop-up tab will be highlighted. Now mark Open this page tab and change the existing URL in rectangular box by your required Home page URL i.e. Change it to www.google.com as shown in below screen shot.

How to set home page in google chrome
how to set home page google chrome
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Now you have done setting of Google search engine as your home page. Close the all opened pages and click again on Google Chrome icon on your desktop to test your Google search engine page has been saved as your home page.