Soccer and Cricket Online Betting Tricks

Soccer and cricket betting tricks

Winning bets on sports is not an easy task; it needs lot of studies and background of teams playing each other and their recent form, playing 11 status, Head-to-Head results and at the same time predictions predicted by commentators and punters.

Before to wage on any match you have to go on net and search for above said factors before to start the match OR before to bet on particular sport event. First, you have to search for various punters, commentators predictions made on that particular event. Out of 10, 7-8 matches will results in line with predictions of punters and commentators. To get these prediction data you simply search on internet and you will get very easily.
Second thing is player’s forms, Head-to-Head results, and Playing 11’s recent form. These data also you will get on searching internet.
For example any cricket player made a century in his last match will definitely make some more runs in his next match OR in that particular series. Backing this player may get help you in winning your bets.

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Soccer Betting Tricks
The popular online betting on soccer is Goals-Over/Under market. The 50% of overall match betting are wagered on this market if you consider a particular match. Rather than betting on team wins, betting on Over/Under event will be the more  easy and profitable. The tricks mentioned below can be considered while betting on in play live soccer matches.
  • Always search on internet for pitch reports, commentator predictions and punter predictions. Prediction made by commentators and punters will always results positive more that 70-75%.
  • Avoid placing pre-match bets; you will get more valued Odds after 10-15 minutes of match start.
  • Always back to the strong team, never run behind loose team for higher Odd value.
  • Decide to bet on favorite team, wait for 20-30 minutes for good Odd value and bet after on favorite team you have decided before match start.
  • Always bet on Goals- Over/Under event. Important is if the number of goals made in first half are very less like 0-1 goal, the 75% of matches end in making goals not more than 2 goals, so you may bet on O/U goal score as “Match Goals Under 2.5” In this case winning probability is more.
  • Always Cash-out your bet if you realize 40-50% profit on your particular placed bet.
  • Betting on soccer matches which are live on TV channel and that you are able to watch the live in-play match will be the better choice so that you can guess which team is playing better and which team is not. The team hitting more Shots on Target has more chances of making the goal.
  •  If underdog team makes first goal, placing bet on events like “Double Chance” OR “Win” on strong team can make your bet win at the end of match.
  • If the number of goals in first half made are more than 3-4, please note in the second half also the number of goals will be more in 75% of soccer matches. So make your bet on “Number of Goals O 5.5 OR 6.5.
  • Never bet on the events like “Next 10 minutes Goals” “Goal Scorer” “Team to Score Next Goal” etc...
  • More than 75% of matches, the goals scored in Second-Half is more with compared to First-Half. So wait until Second-Half and place your bet on favorite team for Win.
  •  If the particular soccer match has passed more than 60-65 minutes and no goal scored, there is 70-75% of chances that the goal will be scored in remaining minutes, so place your bet on “Goals Over 0.5”
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Cricket Betting Tricks
Cricket is always bets sport for betting online because you will get more time to study in In-Play match. Even you can easily predict the event after first 10-15 overs in One-Day match and in 5-6 overs in T20 match.
  • Always place your bets on favorite team. If even underdog team makes more than average score in Fist Innings, backing favorite team for Win will be the winning choice.
  • Do not place your bets on events like “Man of the Match” “Most Six Scorer” “Highest Wicket Taker” “Top Team Batsman” “Top Team Bowler” etc….
  • If the ground is small and pitch is batsmen friendly, place your bets on events like “First Innings Runs Over” always.
  • In 50 over match, if the team playing first makes the scores 150-175 in first 30 overs with loss of wicket not more than 1-2 then the score in 50 overs at the end of match will be more than 300 runs. Placing bets on “First Innings score” Over 300 runs will be the winning bets.
  • In a match if the team playing first will losses the early wickets like 3-4 wickets in first 10-15 overs for 50-60 runs, then the final First Innings Score will be less than average. In this case placing bets on “First Innings Score Under” is best choice
  • If the pitch is bowler friendly and there is lots of turn then the spin bowlers will be more effective. If the team playing their best spin bowlers and have more spin bowling choices, then there are more chances of First Innings Score is less than average score.
  • Number of Sixes scored in T20 matches will always more than 50 over matches. Make your bets on “ Match Sixes Under” in 50 over matches and “Match Sixes Over” in T20 matches
  • Chasing runs more than 300-320 is always tough in 50 over matches. So placing bets on team for win that has made 300-320 runs in their first innings will be the winning bets.
  • In T20 matches, if two equally strong teams are playing there is maximum chances of getting both teams go favorite in In-play event. So placing your bets on both teams when Odds come in your favor will be Risk-free profitable bets.

Good Season Started for Online Sports Betting. Tricks to Win on Sports Betting

Good Season Started for Online Sports Betting. Tricks to Win on Sports Betting

A good festival season ahead for sports lover across the world as FIFA World Cup takes place from 14th June 2018 to 15th July 2018. For cricket lovers this is the best season that there are plenty of fixtures taking place across the world. Royal London One Day Cup, England T20 Blast 2018, Sri Lanka V/s West Indies Series, India V/s England Series, Scotland V/s England Series, South Africa(W) V/s England are the main upcoming fixtures for cricket lovers.

Betting online on our favorite sports is best online fun and 90% of sports lover do this. Placing some bets with little amount on our favorite live sports and watching the live game on television really makes more fun.
Most of the people those who loves sports in world are now days betting online and having fun. Betting online with some decent money that your pocket allows is a good idea and you can easily make some decent money.

Start Online Betting With Small Amount and Experience the Fun

Starting online betting is not a tough job. To start betting online you need to register your account with any of online betting websites available across the world. At present there are more than 100 online sports betting websites are available, but selecting the rite platform really makes it fun.
You may heard some online betting sites like Bet365, Betfair, Dafabet, Betway, 12Bet, BETVICTOR, 1XBET, Betrally etc…
Among the all-online betting websites, I would like to recommend 1XBET and Betrally websites. These two online betting platforms allows you to deposit and withdraw money very easily without any processing fees. The betting Odds on these websites are very much user friendly. You can easily deposit and withdraw the money in your native currency. These two websites frequently offers some bonuses for their customers. These two websites are best suitable for Indian online betters.

Register on 1XBET and Get 100% Deposit Bonus
Registering your online account on 1XBET bet is very easy. It will take hardly a minute to start and complete the registration.

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Important Tricks to Win on Cricket Betting with 1XBET
Since the cricket is most famous sports in India and many more other countries, betting and winning with live cricket Odds is very easy. Only you should know more about playing team strengths, venue of play, playing-11 and pitch conditions.
  1. Always select the good betting Odds. Don’t select the odds like Rs.10000 return on betting Rs.1000. These high value odds always going to loss. The percentage of passing these type of odds is very less.
  2. Always go for long way bets, never place bets on quick periods like, No. of runs on next over, No of runs on 4th ball of the over, toss, Runs in first Six overs etc… These type of bets always make you loss.
  3. You may place your bets on long way events like First Innings Runs, Match Winner, and Most Mach Sixes. These odds have more percentage of winning possibilities. You may place bets on long way odds which you are getting double, triple return on your winning because there are chances that match can turn since the match is going to play long way.
  4. Place the bets on strong team always, but you have to wait for some good odds value during live cricket match. If the strong team is playing first, wait for some time until first wicket downs. If the strong team losses some early wickets, the odd rates definitely comes in your way.
  5.  If the team playing first makes 100-150 runs in first 15-20 overs, then the first innings runs definitely going to high as 320 to 350 in 50 overs. In first innings, any team makes 100-150 runs without losing wicket then place your bet on First Innings Runs more.
  6. If the strong team playing first losses 3-4 wickets within 15 overs, it means the pitch is very slow and bowler friendly. At this stage, placing bets on strong team (playing first) is better idea.
  7. Place bets on “Most Match Sixes” (The team going to hit most sixes in the match) by considering the playing-11 players. Cricket players like Gayle, ABD, M.S Dhoni, Watson, Maxwell, etc... Will always hit most sixes than any other defense players.
  8. If team playing first makes 100-110 runs in first 10-12 overs in 20-20 match without loss, then making 200-220 runs in full 20 overs is very tough. So place your bet on “first Innings Runs in First 20 Overs” to below 200-210 runs.

Therefore, Registering Your Account with 1XBET and playing on Cricket and Football matches especially FIFA World Cup 2018 is good opportunity to have some fun and make some decent money.

How To Start Online Betting From India In Rupees

How to start online betting from India in rupees

For sports loving people, online betting through genuine sites is a best option to enjoy the live  sports events with much more interest. Betting online is a art and you can make money on your favorite sports by placing bets. Only the important thing you should know to make money with online betting is, you should have the detailed knowledge of that sports game on which you are going to place the bets.

To place online bets on sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis etc… simply you need to create an online account with online betting sites, then deposit your account with some money and start betting online. Even though there are no online betting websites from India, you can easily bet through some online websites from India in Indian rupees. To bet from India in Indian rupees, we should always choose genuine and secure websites. Betting online from India through genuine and secure online platforms is not an issue as regards legal terms.
There are many websites available in India that allows you to create account, deposit with INR, place the bets online and finally withdraw money in INR to your bank account after winning some decent money.

How To Create Online Betting Account

Among the online betting websites like Bet365, Dafabet, 12bet, unibet, betway, betrallyIndia & 1xbet, the best suitable websites for Indians are 1XBET and BetrallyIndia. Theses two websites are allow you to deposit the money in INR without any process fees. You can directly deposit the money in INR even with small amount like 350 rupees. So I strongly recommend 1XBET and BetrallyIndia platforms to start online betting from India in Indian rupees.

How To Create Online Betting Account With 1XBET

Creating account with 1XBET website is very simple. Click Here to open the 1XBET website. Enter your basic details like First name, Surname, E-mail Phone number etc ..and then click on REGISTER as shown below in screen shot, If you want register quick, simple select the options “One-click” OR “By phone number” and create your account. 

How to create online betting account with 1XBET

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How To Deposit Your 1XBET Account
To deposit your 1XBET account, simply LogIn to your account and click on “DEPOSIT” enter the amount you want to deposit and click “CONIRM” to get 1XBET’s local bank account details on your E-mail ID. Once you have received local bank account details of 1XBET, transer the amount through your online Netbanking IMPS/NEFT transaction. Ater you transer the amount, give the all amount transered details to 1XBET through Chat/CUSTOMER SUPPORT on your Login, and they will update your 1XBET account with amount you have transered.

How to deposit 1XBET account

BetrallyIndia- The Another Genuine & Secure Online Betting Website

With a reputation to live up to, is opening online betting avenues for India in an efficient, convenient, flexible and secure way. Moreover BetrallyIndia keep betting high for two good reasons. Firstly, you are free to bet as little OR as much as your pocket allows. Secondly, you can make the most of a guaranteed option whenever it comes across.

How To Register On BetrallyIndia

Simply you can Logon to even using to your smartphone, thereafter, register yourself, deposit some funds through Local Bank Transfer and place the wager, you are sorted in matter of minutes.

You will also get the 100% Deposit Bonus on your First Deposit up to 2500 INR. Please note you can easily deposit your BetrallyIndia account directly with both Credit Card (VISA/Master) and Debit Card, which is not available with any other online betting websites.

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Best Online Website Platforms for Betting in India

Best Online Website Platforms for Betting in India
Now a days betting online on our favorite sports is good entertaining stuff. Placing bets online make it easier but for players to be able to deposit to online websites and withdraw from online websites in their native currency is a big challenge. It is easier to deal in our native currency for several reasons, it is less confusing to use one currency from start to finish, and you will avoid exchange fees.
For those who are betting in India for their favorite sports i.e. mainly cricket, here is a good news. Betting with local bookies by phone call OR by any other media is a big risk in India. The players from India now can easily bet online with Indian rupees with more safety & security. There are many online betting websites allows you to place bets online from India.

Today I am going to explain how to create your online betting account, how to deposit without process fees and how to withdraw the money from your betting account after your winnings.

Below are the online betting websites you can bet online from India with Indian rupees.
1.       1XBET
2.       Betrally
3.       Bet365
4.       Betway
5.       10Bet
6.       Dafabet etc...

Among the above, the best online betting platforms for Indian players are 1XBET & Betrally.

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1XBET Review
1XBET is a Russian website that allows you to play from India and you can deposit and withdraw in Indian rupees. First, you have to visit the website and create your account with basic details as shown below in screen shots,

How to Deposit Money to Your 1XBET Account.
After Sign In to your 1XBET account through Android App OR through website, just click on Top up Account (Android App) OR DEPOSIT (If you have Logged In with website)

After clicking on Top up Account OR DEPOSIT please select the option “Bank Transfer” by which you will get the 1XBET’s local bank account number with all details on your E-mail ID. You can transfer the money to this account number with your Internet Banking OR by other means. Once you transfer the money, you have to give the money transfer details to 1XBET through CUSTOMER SUPPORT/Chat option available on your 1XBET account Login for immediate update of your 1XBET account balance. Usually it will take 10-15 minutes to update your 1XBET account balance.
Once your 1XBET account balance updated, you can easily place the bets on your favorite sports and win.

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You can also deposit through E-Wallets like Neteller & Skrill, but to deposit through these E-Wallets you have to pay the processing fees to both E-wallets as well as your banks. This is not recommended for Indian players.
After registering your account on 1XBET you will get account ID and later you can login with your account ID and password you have created during your account registration.

Note: Please select register method as ‘Email’ during your account registration so that you can receive the mails regarding your account ID and other details on your mail ID.

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1XBET also provides you an Android App, which you can download easily from their website. Android App is very easy to navigate and place the bets.

Deposit Bonus on Your First Deposit

If you are a first time depositor, 1XBET will give you the Bonus as equal to your first deposit up to 7500 INR. There are some terms and conditions to withdraw this bonus amount. Terms and condition you can get on your login page.
Overall, the 1XBET online betting website is a best choice for Indian players to bet with Indian rupees more safely. 1XBET provides you with comparatively good Odds on sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Ice hockey, many more…

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BetrallyIndia Review
With a reputation to live up to, is opening online betting avenues for India in an efficient, convenient, flexible and secure way. Moreover BetrallyIndia keep betting high for two good reasons. Firstly, you are free to bet as little OR as much as your pocket allows. Secondly, you can make the most of a guaranteed option whenever it comes across.

How to Register on Betrally India
Simply you can Logon to even using to your smartphone, thereafter, register yourself, deposit some funds through Local Bank Transfer and place the wager, you are sorted in matter of minutes.

You will also get the 100% Deposit bonus on your First Deposit up to 2500 INR

To register on BetrallyIndia Click Here OR Click the below banner.

Please note you can easily deposit your Betrally India account directly with both Credit Card (VISA/Master) and Debit Card, which is not available with any other online betting websites.