How To Bet Online With Indian Rupees

Now a days lot of Indians are betting online for their favorite sports. Even after gambling is illegal in India, there are millions of people betting online day to day with huge amount of money. The Indians mainly bet on cricket which is most popular sport in India.

Since I am betting online from last 4 years I would like to tell how to bet online from India & which online betting website will be the best choice for Indians.

There are lot of websites to bet online from India. Among those the top betting websites are bet365, 1XBET, Betway & daabet. You may register your account in these betting sites and transfer the money to your betting account through NETELLER or Skrill accounts. 

Registering on betting websites & transferring money through NETELLER or Skrill is very easy and you may start playing by placing your bets on your favorite sports. But depositing money to your betting account through NETELLER or Skrill is very costly. You have to pay tax/commission to your banks while adding money to your Netteller or Skrill account. This tax/commission amount is almost 15-18% of your deposited value.

Even you have to pay to NETTELLE or Skrill during withdrawal. To avoid these extra charges and for best sports odds I would like to strongly recommend 1XBET online betting website. Since there is Local Bank Transfer option is there in 1XBET, you need not to pay extra tax/commission to your bank. For withdrawal simply you have to provide your Bank A/c number so that 1XBET will transfer the amount without any commission or tax within 1-2 days.

To register & bet online with 1XBET Sign In or click 1XBET and enjoy online betting without fear.

For how to register with 1XBET & to deposit in money in your 1XBET account please comment below,

Drive Your Existing Blog Post to Top Search Results with SEMrush

Drive your existing blog post to top search results with SEMrush

Have you frustrated by lack of page views and poor performance of your particular blog post? You might realize that some of your blog posts may appearing in top search results and driving the traffic very consistently. On other hand, some posts are not doing well. Do you think the posts that are not driving traffic to your blog are the opportunities to work on and get more traffic to your blog?  Yes you can reactivate your low performing posts with simple tricks by using SEMrush with free of cost. Here I am sharing you the tricks that I have experimented and it has really worked for me. You can also experiment for your low performing blog posts by using SEMrush and drive more traffic to your blog.
While you are searching for SEO of your blog or blog post online, you might heard importance of "Keywords" or "Organic Keywords". Do you think "Keywords" are the key factors to appear your blog posts in top search results? In my view Yes. Keywords are the prime factors those can put your blog post at top in search results. While keywords are not quite as important as they used to be, they are still a necessary element of SEO. Doing some basic keyword research will help you find keywords that your target market is searching for, and words that you have a chance of ranking for.
Then how can we work with these keywords? How can we use these keywords in blog posts? Where can we get these keywords? Definitely, we have answers for all these questions. To know more and push your existing blog posts at top search results follow the below tricks.

Step 1:
Go to SEMrush website and enter URL of your particular blog post & click on "Start now" as shown below,

Use semrush to push your blog post to top search

It will list all the money and traffic keywords you are ranking for along with other vital details such as:
"ORGANIC SERACH & PAID SEARCH" through which you can know your "Keywords" & "Traffic Cost".

"BACKLINKS" through which you can get details of "Referring Domains" & "Referring IPs".

"DISPLAY ADVERTISING" through which you can get details of "Publishers" & "Advertisers" etc. and

Details of "TOP ORGANIC KEYWORDS" like "Keyword Position", "Volume" & "CPC".

Semrush keyword report for your blog post

Step 2:
Now Copy the individual keyword phrases from the list and put in your existing blog post’s content within double invited comma like "Your Listed Organic Keyword". Some of the keywords you have picked should be in first paragraph of the post and some in between and remaining at the end of post content.

Step 3:
After editing your existing blog post with adding keywords, update the post as shown below,

SEMrush to increase blog  traffic

Step 4:
Now go to your Google Webmasters and login to your account. Update your Sitemap and wait for 2-3 days so that Google can crawl your changes and put your updated particular post on top search results.

Note: To confirm your experiment you should have record your search rank before to apply above said SEMrush tricks. By doing so your existing post definitely appear in top search, results and you will realize that your updated post moved from bottom search result to the top.

For any difficulties, please comment below.

How To use Data Highlighter Tool In Google Webmasters

How to use Data Highlighter tool in Google Webmasters

Data Highlighter is a tool available in Google Webmasters or now it is called as Search Console plays an vital role in SEO of your blog or website. To improve your blog’s look in search and to let users see your key information right in search results Data highlighter is a must use tool. For helping Google understand your site’s data. With Data Highlighter, you simply "tag" each data field with your mouse. Then Google can present your data more attractively, and in new ways, in search results.
Here is how to highlight your blog’s data with Google Data Highlighter tool.

Step 1:
Login to your Google webmasters/Search Console account and click on the option "Data Highlighter" and then "Start  Highlighting" as shown below,

How to use Data Highlighter tool in Google Webmasters

Step 2:
After clicking on Start  Highlighting, a new pop-up window opens. Now enter your blog’s first article’s URL then select the page type among Articles, Book reviews, Events etc. and tick the option “Tag this page and others like it” and click "OK" as shown below,
How to use Data Highlighter tool in Google Webmasters

Step 3:
After clicking on OK button your selected blog page will be opened. Highlight the data as Title, Image, Author, Date published, Category etc. and click on "Done"as shown below in screen shot.

How to use Data Highlighter tool in Google Webmasters
Step 4:
Once your highlight your data for your first page or fist article you will be asked to highlight the similar pages on your blog or website. Now in next pop-up window tick the automatically selected set of pages and click on “Create page set” as shown below,

How to use Data Highlighter tool in Google Webmasters

Step 5:
Now in the all automatically selected pages, the data like Title, Author, Data published, Category etc. will be highlighted automatically. You have to check the highlighted data and if any missing select those data manually and click "Next" as shown below,

How to use Data Highlighter tool in Google Webmasters

Step 6
Repeat the highlighting for your all auto selected page sets by clicking "Next" till last page. Once completed highlighting your all set of pages click on "Done >> Publish" buttons as shown below,

How to use Data Highlighter tool in Google Webmasters

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Likewise you have to repeat highlighting for your all articles/pages on your site or blog. Once you have did highlighting data for your all pages in blog the Search engine shows the highlighted data on your blog to the people who are searching for similar data which you have been already explained to search engine through "Data Highlighter" tool a minute ago. Hope this trick helped you a lot for better SEO of your blog. For any difficulty please feel free to comment below.

Which Is The Best Platform To Start Free Blog

Which is the best platform to start free blog

In World Wide Web the Google is the best, most popular, most trusted and well known website. This website is providing most free services like Blogging, G mail, Google+, Hangout, Search Engine etc. Google’s free blogger platform is one of the most popular free services which gives free service to millions of users those who are blogging for their fashion, for money making, for social work etc.

Why to Choose Google’s Free Blogger platform?

Using of Google’s blogger platform is very easy and user friendly, anyone can create free blog without any technical or web designing knowledge. Blogger is truly a plug and play design for a new blog owner. Signing up takes seconds, allowing users to use their Google login and asking only for a few basic information such as blog title and description.

The following points will well realizes Why Google’s blogger platform is so good for bloggers.

Search Engine Ranking:

Blogger ranks high in Google search engine compare to other platforms such as WordPress, Yola, Webs and Tumblr etc. Blogger has search engine optimization tools such as webmaster tools and Google analytic to help users to get a good rank in search engines.

Free Templates:

Blogger allows users to choose from different creative and contemporary design templates in that you can easily use, modified and edited. There are lots of free templates online that are easy to download and apply to their blogger blog if ever users are not satisfied with blogger templates.

Integrated Login:

With the ability to easily connect all of your Google accounts, this is a big plus for Blogger. Many of the most useful features for a website are offered by Google, including Ad-sense, Ad-words, and Webmaster tools for Google indexing. Blogger allows you to simply click a button and integrate Ad-sense or banners into your site.

Free Help Tutorials:

The very important objective of Blogger is that it provides help tutorials for beginners online in every subject of blogging. They also have a help forum where users are allowed to post questions and other users will be the one to give answers.

Beginners can refer How To Create A Free Blog On the BlogSpot Blogging Platform posted on the award winning blog "Shout Me Loud".

Blogging Network:

Because Blogger is the first stop for many new bloggers, it is also among the largest blogging networks in the world. The millions of blogs already created in Blogger are helpful to the new member as well because of how Google has integrated their search features into the site. Not only can visitors search Blogger blogs via the search bar at the top of the page, they can click "random" or "next blog" to visit a different Blogger blog. This increases your exposure by directly connecting you with existing blogs. And if you decide to hide this feature, you can do that too in Blogger.

Refer the article How To Hide Search Bar on Blog posted on the most popular free blogger blog  "".


Blogger has widgets that users can use anytime they want to insert HTML codes, links, advertisement, pictures, videos, slideshows, search box, feed, blog archive, logo, pages, profile, links list, poll, page header and many more. The style sheets and HTML code for your template can easily be changed and enhanced to suit your specific needs.

Statistics & Page Rank:

Blogger has statistics feature where users can track how many visitors are visiting their website or blog site. The statistics feature has traffic sources tab that tells the referring sites of the web visitors.
Google page rank adds a reputation in a website. The Google page rank has 0-10 value and ten is the highest. It is easier to acquire a page rank in blogger than other platforms.

Earning Money:

Google's Ad-sense is one of the most reliable method in the online marketing world to make money online and Blogger is inbuilt with Ad-sense program, whereas it is not possible in WordPress with free blog. Anytime you can switch your blog to your earning machine by following simple Ad-sense policies.

Finally the Blogger is an ultimate solution for anyone who is just starting their first blog. It is also a great platform for those who are serious about blogging, but do not want to hire a technician to set them up and make regular adjustments to their blog. It is easy to use, quick to start, and offers a host of features that the free WordPress blog and its other competitors do not.

What Happens To Your Facebook Account After Your Death

What happens to your Facebook account after death

After your death, is your Facebook account close immediately? Or else is it closes after a while? The answer is No. Facebook just made death a little less scary. Even after your death, the Facebook account can be continued as usual with restrictions to some of features/options.
Earlier, the Facebook profiles of the deceased could only be "Memorialized," deleted or left unchanged after friends or family reported the deaths. Memorializing the profile involves freezing the account, which then no longer appears in searches or public notifications like birthdays, and can only viewed by the user’s friends.
In addition to the earlier feature, recently Facebook announced a policy called "Legacy Contact" This policy has established by Facebook after families of the deceased had told Facebook they wanted to download and preserve the user's photos and post funeral announcements or other news.
  • The feature "legacy contact" is someone you choose to look after your account if it is memorialized. Once your account memorialized, your legacy contact in legal language you can call as “nominee” will have the option to do things like,Write a pinned post for your profile (Example: to share a final message on your behalf and provide information about a memorial service) But, If your Timeline and Tagging settings don't allow anyone other than you to post on your Timeline, your legacy contact won't be able to add a pinned post to your profile once it's memorialized.
  • Your legacy contact can respond to new friend requests after your death.
  • Your legacy contact can also update your profile and cover photo.
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Here is how to set your "legacy contact".

Step 1:

Login to your Facebook account and click on Settings > General and edit your Manage account option as shown below, 
What happens to your Facebook account after death

Step 2:

Now under Your legacy contact option select your friend or family member and click on Add button as shown below,

What happens to your Facebook account after death

Step 3:

Once you click on Add button, click on Send button to send the message to your selected friend or family member. Once your friend or family member accepts the request, your Facebook account will be made your legacy contact controlled after your death. This is something like writing a will paper or nominating a person for your asset after your death.

What happens to your Facebook account after death

Overall the feature of "Legacy contact" announced by Facebook is very interesting. Continuing the Facebook account of some even after his death is an amazing thing. Hope you enjoyed the post.