How To Put Similar Posts In A Single Page Menu In Blogger

Posts in a blogger page

If your blog shows the all similar articles at one place then it is very easy to search the content for your blog visitor. Integrating of similar posts of your blog in a single page and showing them in a page menu on your blogger is very easy. The blog visitors also get all similar posts at one place and they can get benefits of reading all related articles in one click. Gathering of your all similar posts in a single page on your menu tab also improves your blog’s site map and helps in search engine optimization.

Follow the below tutorial to add your all similar articles in a single menu page.

Adding Your Similar Posts in a Single Page Menu

You have to put Labels first to your similar posts which you are going to put all in a single page menu.

1.  Login to your blogger Dashboard go to Posts then edit one of the posts which you are going to put in a single page by clicking on edit button as shown below,
Similar posts in single page

2.  Now click on Labels Put your Label name (Example given is Technology Tricks) then click on Done and then update the post clicking on Update button as shown below,

Add similar posts in a blogger page

3.  Do the step 1 again for next similar post with same Label. The number of posts to which you have added the same label will be showing in a single page in menu bar.

           Now all the posts you have added the Labels will look like as below,

How to add posts in blogger page

4.  Now go to your blog Home page in new window (Example: in my blog case) click on one of the similar posts to which you have added Labels then you will see the label name at the end of your blog article. 

Blog posts in a single page menu

Similar posts in blogger page menu

5.  After clicking on Label text at the end of your blog article now copy the page URL at address bar in popup window as shown below,

wTricks to add blog posts in a single page menu

6.  Now Go to your blog Dashboard > Layout > then Pages and click on Edit > then click on > +Add external link > Put your page name in next popup & paste the URL you have copied in rectangular box the click on > Save Link as shown below,

Blog posts addition to page

Now you have done adding your all similar posts in a single page menu. Go to your blog main page and check clicking on new created page (Technology Tricks in this example) to see all your similar posts under a single page.



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