How To Transpose (Rotate) Data In MS Excel

 If you have a worksheet with data in columns that you want to rotate so it's rearranged in rows, you   can use the Transpose feature. It lets you quickly switch data from  columns to rows, OR vice-versa,

 To do so follow the steps below,

   1.   Select the range of data you want to rearrange, including any row or column labels and press Ctrl+C.

Right click the first cell where you want to paste the data, and pick Transpose. Pick a spot int he worksheet that has enough room to paste your data.The data you copied will overwrite any data that is already there.

Alternatively you can also select Paste special. A paste special box appears. select Transpose check box and click OK.

alt="how to transpose data in MS excel"
data transpose in MS excel
alt="how to transpose data in MS excel
Data rotate in MS excel
ale="how to rotate data in MS excel"
Data transpose in MS excel

   3.  After rotating the data successfully, you can delete the original data.


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