How To Improve Your Free Blogger Blog

Tips to improve your free blogger blog
Improve your free blogger blog

The blog created at Google’s free Blogger platform is look like In this the bolded is the domain name which every free blogger will be getting after creation of blog on Google’s free platform Blogger is a free publishing platform, while BlogSpot is a free domain service provider.

Usually the people created free blog at any platform will rush immediately to post the article in their blog by copying content online and pasting it in their post. This is the big mistake that everyone do.
Someone really wanted to earn money online with their free blog should have to work hard and learn the basic things about free blogging.
             First of all we will start understanding through this article what is a Blog..? And then learn how to improve our free blog.

A blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web (www.) and consisting of separate entries which are called “Posts” typically displayed in reverse sequential order. Reverse sequential order means the recent entries (Posts) will appear at top in Blog.

1. After creation of your first Blog understanding of blog’s layout elements like ‘Fevicon’, ‘Navbar’, ‘Header’, ‘Cross-Column’, ‘Main’(location for posts), ‘Sidebar’, ‘Footer’ etc. is very important to edit your blog  template customize the things to look like as you wish. For understanding of Blog’s basics and how to create free Blog on Google’s free platform please refer the article "How To Create A Free Blog On the BlogSpot BloggingPlatform" posted at

2. After understanding of all the basics of Blog the next step is to post your first article (post) in your own Blog. There are many things to keep in mind while writing your article (post) and publishing it on your blog.Never copy the content from other websites and blogs online, but you may refer for your knowledge improvement which is very much needed to write the post.

3. Make sure the content of your post is very simple and easy to understand. At the end of reading the visitor should understand the whole topic without any doubts and questions in his/her mind.

4. The article is always best self-explained if it contain related photos/drawings and screen shots.

5. Do not promote your articles (posts) on social Medias like Facebook, twitter etc. The article should get the readers from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. You may refer the article "On Page SEO Techniques to Rank on First Page –2015 Edition" by

6. Keep an eye on your post performance by checking your stats by logging in your Blogger account, i.e. it is available at your dashboard.

7. Study the comments you have got by your first post and traffic of your blog (how many page views you have got after posting your first article) then prepare for your next post. It is always good if you take your own time to write a quality blog post.

8. Never go for publishing ads on your blog until you get at least 700 to 1000 visitors every day.

9. Do not change your domain name, Blog look, Header etc. in your blog after posting articles publicly. Small changes in layout, Template may done as these are not effect much.

Finally saying do not lose your confidence keep studying online as a preparation for your article writing, if even you not earn big money  at initial at least you will be learning something and getting knowledge for your future earnings.

Please feel free to comment on this article. Your comment may improve quality of my future articles.


Mahantesh Bhavi


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