How to Link Your Blog to Social Networks

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Are you looking to use social media to promote your blog?

When you write a regular blog, you want to attract as many readers as possible to it. You also want your readers to share your blog with their friends, followers and connections. The best way to achieve these goals is to link your blog with your social networking sites.

While you can’t give a detailed description of your content in few words, tweeting out a link is a great way to notify your social media audience of a new blog posts.

Sharing blog posts on your brand’s social channels can help draw in new readers for your blog and offer more value for your existing followers. If you can’t think of ways how to promote your blog beyond sharing links, here are a few more ideas.

Many content management systems have the option to install a plugin that automatically tweets out the newest post’s headline, followed by a shortened link to the content

Linking your blog to social networks like Facebook, twitter, and linked In etc. is very easy and simple.

To link your blog to social Medias using one of the popular website tool, follow the simple steps below,

      1.             Go to
      2.            Sign up for free using your Email ID used for your blog.

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     3.      After creating your account go to My Recipes > Create a Recipe ( as shown below,

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     4.     After clicking on Create a Recipe click on the text ‘this’ to select your blog as shown below,

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    5.        Now click on Blogger icon to select your blog then click on Connect on next pop-up window and then click on Update on next poop-up window after selecting your blog to be used with IFTTT. All steps are shown below,

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   6.      Now on next pop-up window Choose a Trigger by clicking on Any new post and then click on Create Trigger on next pop-up window as shown below,

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    7.      Now click on the text ‘that’ then click on Facebook icon on next pop-up window (you may click any icon out of them like Facebook page, twitter, LinkedIn etc. I have shown here Facebook as an example) and then click on Connect.

   8.        Now enter your Facebook details click on Create Action then > Create Recipe then it will show Recipe created.

You have done creating your blog link with Facebook. Whenever you post a new article on your blog the same article title and URL link will be shown on your Facebook account automatically.

This is how you can link your blog to social networks automatically and share your new posts automatically without any effort.

 For any queries and difficulties linking your blog please feel free to comment.

Thank you,
Mahantesh Bhavi



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