How To Use Complete Benefits Of Wi-Fi

Nowadays, the internet is inevitable for all. Most of the people are using Wi-Fi in their home and offices in their daily walks, but the users do not have awareness about the Wi-Fi routers because the most of Wi-Fi routers will be installed by service providers or engineers. Wi-Fi system running without any problem then everything will be good and user will be using it happily without any interruption.

We can resolve the problems like signal issues and avoid the misuse of our Wi-Fi internet by neighbors.

We will learn here how to get full benefits of our Wi-Fi internet.

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WiFi complete benefits usage 

How to improve your router coverage..?
Improving your Wi-Fi router network coverage is very easy by following simple techniques explained here.

Placement of Router:

If you are not getting the full Wi-Fi signal in your home or office it means the placement of router is not correct. The coverage of router will be 100 feet approximately. To overcome from this problem place your router at center of your home or office. Avoid placing it near mirror, wall and other electronic items. Placing at certain height is recommended.

Antenna should be lengthy:

The antennas came with routers by default are not best always. In most of the routers there will be option to change the antenna. To improve your signal coverage use the antennas of D-link, Link SIS, and BELKIN instead of your default antenna. These antennas will release the signals in one direction so that you can place your router accordingly. Even you can use signal booster antennas which are available in market.

Use Repeater:

Using repeaters you can also strengthen your signal coverage. These repeaters will collect the signals from routers and lengthen the signal coverage area further. These repeaters will look like your mobile chargers and only you have to plug it in your home or office. Configuration of router and repeater will be required and you may get it to know from instruction manual.

You can do like this also:

Take the empty aluminum can of soft drink, cut in half like U shape (parabolic shape) and put around your antenna so that the signal discharge will be in one direction hence the coverage will improve automatically.

Put your router secure:

Changing of router’s setting is new to you then you have to struggle little. First of all know the IP address of your router. If you are using windows in your computer open the command prompt (To open command prompt press windows key + R, then type cmd and press Enter) and type ipconfig then press Enter key, you will see the ‘default gate way’ which is your IP address. Put this IP address through browser and you will be asked for Username and Password. If you have not changed username and password ever the default username and password will be admin & admin respectively. Here you can change Wi-Fi name, security type & password. Selecting WPA2-AEs type will be more secure and you can also get the option do not broadcast the Wi-Fi network in this type. By doing like this the other devices will not search your Wi-Fi network’s name. You can only share it with known persons by giving them your Wi-Fi name and password. 

Is it possible to hack your Wi-Fi..?

If you have given the password to your friend or your neighbor is knowing your password then it is possible to hack your Wi-Fi network. To avoid this use the technology wireless network watcher which is available free in windows. This will show you the connected devices.

Multi-function routers:

This is a new technology. This facility is available with some special routers. Connect your printer to router instead of connecting to your computer so that you can print from all the devices which are connected to the router. This is only possible through Multi-function routers. You can also use your computer hard drive as common network drive through this type of routers.



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