How To Use Quick Analysis Tool in MS Excel

Quick Analysis in MS Excel

Quick Analysis provides an amazing way for you to preview your data with different Excel tools. you can instantly create different types of charts, including lines and column charts, or add miniature graphs (called spark lines). you can also apply a table style, create Pivot Tables, quickly insert totals and apply conditional formatting.

quick analysis iin MS excel
Quick Analysis in MS Excel

     1. Select the cells that contain the data you want to analyze.

     2. Click the Quick Analysis button that appears to the bottom right of selected data (or press                    CTRL + Q).

     3. In the Quick Analysis gallery, select a tab you want.

alt="quick analysis in MS excel"
  • FORMATTING lets you highlight parts of your data through data bars and colors which helps you quickly see high and low values,among other things.
  • CHARTS Excel recommends different charts, based on the type of data you have selected.
  • TOTALS let  you calculate the numbers in columns and rows.
  • TABLES make it easy to filter and sort your data.
  • SPARKLINES are like tiny graphs that you can show alongside your data. They provide a quick way to see trends.
   4. Pick an option, or just point to each one to see a preview.



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