How to Change Cursor Types on Your Blogger

cursors for blogger

The cursor on your blog page play big role to attract the users while they visit and read your blog posts. Setting a proper cursor for your blog post titles and images can improve your blog’s look.

Here in this tutorial you can learn how to use 17 different types of cursors for your blog.

1.     Go to your blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML

types of cursors for blogger

2.    Search (By pressing Ctrl+F) for the below code:

blogger cursor types

You will find the HTML code something like as shown below,

cursor setup for blogger

3.     Change your existing cursor type by replacing any one of the below given 17 styles.

Example -> cursor: change word here for cursor type; (In my blog case it is crosshair and I can change the word crosshair to hand for “traditional pointing hand type” of cursor)    

Style 1 -     auto   (uses what is set by user)

Style 2 -     crosshair   (should produce a cross)

Style 3 -     default   (cursor remains as it is)

Style 4 -     e-resize   (arrow pointing right)

Style 5 -     hand   (the traditional pointing hand)

Style 6 -     help   (a Question Mark should appear)

Style 7 -     move   (a cross with arrows on the tips)

Style 8 -     n-resize   (an arrow pointing north or up)

Style 9 -     ne-resize   (an arrow pointing northeast)

Style 10 -   nw-resize   (an arrow pointing northwest)

Style 11 -   pointer   (that hand again)

Style 12 -   s-resize   (an arrow pointing south or down)

Style 13 -   se-resize   (an arrow pointing southeast)

Style 14 -   sw-resize   (an arrow pointing southwest)

Style 15 -   text   (looks like the end of an I-beam)

Style 16 -   w-resize    (an arrow pointing west)

Style 17 -   wait   (an hourglass)

Through this article you have learnt how to implement different styles of cursors for your blog pages and posts. For any difficulties please feel free to comment.



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