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Friday, February 17, 2017

How To Generate Blogger Sitemap And Update It In Google Webmasters

Generate blogger sitemap and submit to search engines

Generating proper blogger sitemap and updating it in your account's search preferences section is a very important task, otherwise you and search engines both will be in confusion. Your blog’s sitemap is a XML file which includes all pages of your blog and works as directory.

The search engines like Google and Bing can use these files to search the pages on your blog. Even if you have not submitted your blog’s sitemap, the search engines will crawl your blog pages on regular searching method, but they may miss some pages to search if you have not submitted sitemap to them. Submitting your blog’s sitemap to Google and Bing will help them to discover the exact pages which they are searching for a particular content. Overall the sitemap gives the clear picture about you site pages and content to search engines so that they can search the blog content very easily.

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The complete sitemap should include all the recent posts. This means the older post's pages will not be included in your default XML sitemap hence these pages on your blog will never get searched by search engines. However there is a solution to fix this problem and you can generate a XML sitemap for 500 pages or posts and submit it to search engines.
Follow the below steps to generate sitemap and enable your blog’s complete structure to be searched by search engines. (Applicable for both blogger free (BlogSpot) and self-hosted blogs)
Step 1:
Go to Sitemap Generator and enter your blog URL, click on Generate Sitemap and your blog’s sitemap will be generated as shown below,

How to generate and update blogger sitemap

How to generate and update blogger sitemap

Step 2:
Now copy the entire generated text. Sign in to your Blogger dashboard > Settings > Search preferences > Custom robots.txt ? And enable it Yes and paste the entire copied text inside the rectangular box and click on Save changes as shown below,

How to generate sitemap and submit to webmasters

Now you have almost done updating sitemap in your blogger search preference. Search engines will automatically discover your XML sitemap files via the robots.txt file and you don’t have to ping them manually.

Update Your Sitemap in Google Webmasters Tool
Step 1:
Copy the generated sitemap text (Copy only the text after your URL without forward slash) as shown below,

How to generate blogger sitemap and update in google webmasters

Step 2:
Sign in to your Google webmasters account Go to Crawl > Sitemaps > then click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP paste the copied text and click on Update Sitemap as shown below,

Sitemap generation and updating for search engines
Now you have done generating your blog’s sitemap, updated it in your blogger search preferences and also updated in Google webmasters tool.

I hope from above explained tricks you can now able to generate your blogger sitemap and submit it in Google webmasters. For any technical help please comment below.

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