How To Delete Temp Files On Your Computer In Two Steps

Computer temp files deletion

When you work with some applications on your computer some programs create temporary files and then leave them behind, they do not delete them. The temporary files left behind can accumulate over time and consume a lot of disk space. To clean your temp files and increase the performance of your computer you may delete them manually.

Please go through below explained simple quick steps to delete temp files on your computer

Step 1:

Click on your computer Start button and then type %temp% in Search programs & files rectangular box and hit Enter button as shown below,

how to delete computer temp files

Step 2:

Now select all temporary files (By pressing Ctrl+A) in next popup window > right click and Delete as shown below in screen shot,

Delete your computer temp files

Now you have deleted your all temporary files on your computer. The computer performance and speed will be improved drastically.



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