How to Save YouTube Videos to Watch Offline on Your Android Phone

YouTube offline viewing

Most of the people know about social network website YouTube which shares video and audio online. YouTube has over a billion users almost one-third of all people on the internet and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.
YouTube gives anyone the power to create something that everyone can watch. The multinational technology company Google has purchased YouTube and managing it now. You can find any type of videos on YouTube and watch your favorite videos. You can also upload your videos on YouTube and earn money by monetizing like making money by blogs with the help of Google ad-sense. There are lot of businesses using YouTube to increase their profitability.
Earlier it was very difficult to watch YouTube videos without internet connection. To resolve this difficulty Google has introduced the new tool to watch videos offline without internet connection. As you can’t download the YouTube videos directly to your android phones and computers, this newly introduced YouTube offline view will be very helpful for those who would like to save the videos and watch them gently when they feel free.
The saved offline videos can be stored on our mobile phone, tablet OR computer and watch for 30 days, after that you will not be able to watch hence required to save it for second time and watch for another 30 days.

This tutorial will explains you “How to save YouTube videos for offline watch”

Saving YouTube videos for offline watch

1.   Go to YouTube App on your Android mobile and click on App’s Icon to open YouTube. (To add support for offline viewing, update the YouTube App before to save videos to watch offline)

YouTube videos for offline

2.    Now Click on any video listed there OR search for your favorite videos and click on it to open as shown below,

Offline YouTube videos

3.    After clicking on your favorite video the video will start playing. Right below the video you will see the download symbol, please click on it to download and save for offline view as shown below in screen shot.

How to save YouTube videos for offline watch

4.    After clicking on download symbol you will see the options to select video quality in next popup as shown below. Select any one of the options (Low – 144p, Medium – 360p…..) and click on OK button. 

                                                Watch offline YouTube videos

5.     Now you will see the Adding video to Offline… as shown below in screen shot,

YouTube offline Videos

 Likewise you can add any number of YouTube videos to your offline list.

Note: Some YouTube videos cannot be saved OR downloaded for offline view those are restricted by YouTube itself and download symbol will not be available below these videos.

6.    Now you have added your favorite videos to your offline list.

Put your internet OFF on your android phone > Go to your YouTube App and click on it to open. You will see the list of videos saved for offline view (As shown in below screen shot) Click on any video and enjoy watching your favorite video offline.

Save YouTube videos offline

Hope you have learnt how to save YouTube videos on your Android phone, Tab OR Computer for offline watch.



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