How to Set Desktop Mail Alert for Your G-mail Account

Google desktop mail alerts setup

Communication is an important part of our daily life. There are lot of communication Medias available to share, to send information, to intimate someone and to connect each-other. The most popular and most effective communication media now a days is E-mail. E-mail is fast.
Time-sensitive information including updates pertaining to events and breaking news can be received within minutes, not days or weeks. Among the huge number of free E-mail providers the Google mail is one of the most popular one from which you can open your free E-mail account and use it for your daily communications businesses.

To check your new mails received in your G-mail inbox you have to login to your account every time. If you want to get new mail alerts without logging into your E-mail account here is an idea how to get mail alerts on desktop without logging into your G-mail.

Follow the below 2 simple steps to activate your new mail arrival alerts on your desktop.

  1.   Go to and login to your G-mail account. Now click on setting symbol at top right of the page and then click on Settings as shown below in screen shot,

Desktop mail alerts setup in Google

        2.   Now tick the New mail notifications under Desktop Notifications: menu and click on Save Changes as shown below in screen shots.

Google mail alerts on desktop

Setting your Google desktop mail alert

You have activated desktop mail alert for your G-mail account. Now you will get new mail alert on your computer desktop immediately after any one sends you mail.


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