How To Change Profile Photo On WhatsApp In 7 Simple Steps

How to change profile photo on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is popular application which uses the internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers. WhatsApp has more than 450 million monthly active users and is said to handle 50 billion messages daily.

It is a cheap messaging alternative to SMS text messages. With WhatsApp even you can call and talk to other WhatsApp user very easily.
If you have not added your photo to your WhatsApp account then it will not look great. Once you add your photo to WhatsApp profile you may require to change with latest one to keep your WhatsApp account up to date and to attract your friends.

Some people may not change their old photo on their WhatsApp profile which was added long period ago due to not knowing how to change profile picture on WhatsApp. Here is a simple idea “How to change WhatsApp profile photo in quick steps” Follow the below 7 simple steps to do so,

1.  Click your WhatsApp logo on your smart phone as shown below,

How to change WhatsApp profile photo

2.  Click on options button and then click Settings as show below,

Change WhatsApp profile photo

3.  In next popup click on Profile and your existing picture will be displayed  as shown below in screen shot,

How to change WhatsApp profile picture

4.  Now click on Pen mark at lower right corner of your photo as shown below,

Simple steps to change WhatsApp photo

5.  Now 3 Profile photo options named Gallery, Camera and Remove photo will be displayed. Click on the option Gallery as shown below (You may delete your existing profile photo by clicking on Remove photo option and keep your profile photo space blank)

Simple way to change WhatsApp profile picture

6.  Now select your favorite photo from your phone gallery and click on that particular photo as shown below,

WhatsApp profile photo

7.  Now adjust the photo border by dragging it and click on OK button as shown below,

How to edit your WhatsApp profile photo

Now you have successfully changed your existing WhatsApp profile photo with new one.



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