How To Delete Files Permanently And Avoid To Send Recycle Bin

How to delete files permanently

When you would like to delete any files or folders on your computer usually the deleted files will go to Recycle Bin and will be stored there. You may also restore the deleted files to its original location on your computer by right clicking on the deleted file and pressing on restore.
Sometimes when you work with many files, you will realize that moving files to the Recycle Bin and again deleting them permanently from Recycle Bin is a big work and waste of time. Even the files stored in Recycle Bin after deletion will use some disk space which may influence to slow-down your computer. If you would like to delete the unwanted files and folders on your computer permanently and you are sure that those will not be required in future then you may delete them permanently in single shot. Here is an idea how to delete files or folders permanently on your computer in a single step.

There are 2 methods to delete the files and folders permanently.

Method 1

1.  Go to properties of Recycle Bin folder on your desktop by right clicking on it then clicking on Properties as shown below,

Steps to delete files permanently

 2.  Now tick mark the option “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin…” and click on Apply and then on OK button as shown below,

Easy way to delete files permanently

Now the deleted files will not go and store in Recycle Bin folder, they will be deleted permanently after file deletion.

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 Method 2

1.  Simply press and hold the Shift key on  your keypad and right click on the file and press on Delete or delete by using Delete key on your keypad (Shift +Delete) as shown below,

How to delete files permanently

 2.  Now click on Yes button in next pop-up window to delete the file permanently as shown below,

How to delete files in simple ways

Method 2 is very simple and you may delete only selected files permanently.  



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