How To Opt Out Of Ads On Apple And Android Mobiles

How to opt out of ads on mobiles

Now a days you may observed that the ads irritating you while browsing on mobile, computer, laptop and tablet. While browsing, these irritating ads may appear and restrict your web pages, new tabs may open suddenly and videos may play automatically.
No doubt these ads will swallow your mobile data and internet data. The most annoying thing is that some ads we cannot even close within certain time. Companies will do such advertising to promote their products and increase the profit. For persuasion of advertisers, websites will receive such advertises even there are little clickers. For this reason people have started buying and adapting ad blocker on their systems. The solution for this is the ads must not be irritating and acceptable to the user. If it is so the users never adapt ad blocker on their system. If you do not want anyone to track you and you are not interested to watch and click such type ads here is a trick how to opt out of this.

How to Opt Out of Ads on Your Apple Mobile

Until if you have not changed settings in your apple iPhone change the settings now and avoid the ads to track your movements.

1.  In your apple device go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising and make the “Limit Ad Tracking” tab ON as shown below,

How to opt out of ads on mobiles

2.  Go to Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security and make the “Fraudulent Website Warning” tab ON as shown below,

How to opt out of ads on android

3.  Now go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services then make the Location based iAdstab OFF and here in the option “Frequent locations” your recent traveled information will be shown in map, clear this also,  you can also keep this option OFF.

How to Opt Out of Ads on Your Android Mobile

1.  In your android device go to Google Settings > Ads > then put the Check mark on the option “Opt out of interest-based ads” as shown below,

How to opt out of ads on apple and android mobiles

2.  Now go to Google Settings > Location > and click on Google Location History then click on DELETE LOCATION HISTORY as shown below in screen shots. Now the information stored about your travel in Google History will be cleared completely.

How to opt out of ads on mobile phones

How to opt of ads on apple and android mobile phones



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