How To Do Factory Data Reset On Failure Of Your Android Phone

How to do factory data reset on failure of your android phone

Sometimes resetting of your android phone to its factory data becomes mandatory when you are totally unable to operate your phone.
After happily using of your favorite android phone for some months, the problems like sudden hanging of operating system, opening Apps slower than usual or disappearing of your favorite Apps and files may happen. Or the Google Play Store or Play services failure notification messages are often irritating to you. You might be in confusion about what to do? In such situations there is an option called Factory data reset in every device to come out of such difficulties. Factory data reset means re-setting your device to its original settings when it was came out of factory. Let us learn how to use Factory data reset option.

If you have noticed that the particular App making problem then try first uninstalling it and re-installing it again. If still you feel there is a problem then you may go for Factory data reset.

Before to go for Factory data reset you should focus on 3 things. First one is you should only go for Factory data reset if your warranty period has over. If your device is still in warranty period, you should approach your service center for any problem. Second one is storing back up of your important files and contact numbers. Synchronize with G mail so that saving contact numbers one by one after factory data reset can be avoided. Send your photos, videos and any other files to memory card. Third one is remove your memory card. Please remember after factory data reset the additionally adapted applications will be deleted completely. The original applications and settings will be remained same as it was at the time of purchase. You should also keep in mind that if your device has upgraded to new version of android then it won’t return to its old android version after factory data reset.

How to do factory data reset on failure of android phone?

1.  Keep phone in full charged condition. On your mobile go to Settings > Back up and reset > and activate Automatic restore option and below that click on Factory data reset option as shown below,

How to do factory data reset on android

2.  Now press on Reset device and select the option Delete Everything when asked as shown below,

How to do factory data reset on android phone

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Now resetting process will be started. Do not stop the resetting process for any reason. Wait until it will restart.

Now your phone has been restarted in new condition. Again from start, set your time and date. Then login using your Google account ID (G mail). After login synchronize G mail or especially if you do contact synchronization then your all contact numbers will be re saved to your phone.

If you have stored your device back up through android back up service before to factory data reset then all Google settings, Apps, Display settings, Keyboard settings, Wi-Fi network and Passwords will be restored automatically during device restart.
Now go to Google play store App and press on My Apps in Settings menu, update your Apps already adapted and then only download your additional required Apps. Now your phone will operate fast and very easily.



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