How To Save WhatsApp Photos And Videos To Google Drive

Save WhatsApp photos and videos to Google drive

Saving your WhatsApp photos and videos to Google drive is good idea in view of your personal data back-up and security. Google drive provides you a best option to save your all photos and videos of your WhatsApp account.
Many people using smart phones with internet connection are now adapting the short communication application called WhatsApp. WhatsApp popularity is more. But the problem of its storage is haunting everyone. This App cannot be transferred to memory card. Thus all the photos and videos are stored within the phone’s internal memory. So that the something new downloads and apps cannot be adapted on memory card due to insufficient storage space. The notification ‘Not enough space on your internal storage’ will often irritate to you. What to do for this?

Option 1

Connecting your mobile with USB to your computer and transferring WhatsApp photos and videos to memory card so that some extent of phone internal memory will be cleared.

Option 2

Option 2 is adapting updated WhatsApp application. This is also not available for everyone on App store. But WhatsApp let you to store all files online (in Google cloud) through Google drive. This facility will be updated to your smart phones instantly. If you have no patience till update in your smart phone you can download and adapt it on your smart phone from WhatsApp site. How to do it?

1.  On your mobile or computer go to and click on Download Now (As shown below in screen shot) and the APK file will be downloaded and saved on your phone memory storage. This will be of 23 MB in size and WhatsApp edition 2.12.347.

WhatsApp photos and videos to Google drive

2.  Now on your mobile go to Settings > Security > and enable the Unknown sources as shown below,

WhatsApp and Google drive

3.  Now open and browse the WhatsApp APK file saved on your mobile and install the update by clicking on Package installer as shown below,

WhatsApp to Google drive

Now you have updated your WhatsApp application to the new version in which there is an option to save your WhatsApp photos and videos to Google drive. The moment after updating and opening it will ask how frequently back up in Google drive. You can select the option at this time also. You can use this back up facility more efficiently if you have unlimited internet, otherwise please remember you may require to spend more mobile data.

You may to set Googledrive back up settings on your WhatsApp application at any time. To do so follow the below instructions,

4.  Go to your WhatsApp menu > Settings > Chats and calls > then select Chat backup, there your WhatsApp back up has stored locally in internal memory storage. Below that there will be a Google drive back up option available. Please click on the option Back up to Google Drive and it will ask the frequency of back up like weekly or monthly… etc. Select any one option you would like as shown below,

Saving WhatsApp photos and videos to Google drive
WhatsApp to Google drive

Google drive is a facility that is linking with your G mail account. If you have more than one G mail account then you have to select to which account your back up should be stored. If you have already used your Google drive for other back up storage and you have less space than it is best to open a new G mail account for your WhatsApp photos and videos back up in which you will be getting 15 GB of storage capacity as a new account.


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