How To Set Up And How To Delete Facebook Business Manager

Who will not like, if all Facebook business assets can manage in one professional tool? Yes, everyone would like working with their assets in a single tool. Facebook has developed a strong tool called Facebook business manager in which you can manage all of your Facebook business assets like Pages, advert accounts and apps, and let people work on them without sharing login details. In view of focusing on your business, Facebook business manager really reduces your set up time and manage your assets. You can increase your control over your business assets by seeing who has access to your business assets and even you can delete or change their permissions. You can manage the permissions to the people who are managing your Facebook Pages, advert accounts and apps.

How to Setup Facebook Business Manager Account

  1. 1.  Go to click on Get Started > and then click Next as shown below,
  2. 2.  Select the options how does your business use Facebook, your industry, numbers of working employees and pages on your blog then click on Next as shown below,
  3. 3.  Now give your business name and then select your available page then click Next as shown below,
  4. 4.  Now put your name and business E-mail ID and then click on Create Business manager as shown below,

Now you have created your Facebook business manager account successfully.

How To Delete Facebook Business Manager Account

After using Facebook business manager for few days or months your mind may turn not to use further and if you would like to delete then follow the below instructions,

1.    Login to your Facebook business manager account and click on Business settings > and then click on Info as shown below,

2.    In next pop up click on Permanently Delete Business > then tick your confirmation and click on Confirm > then click on Submit after entering your password as shown below in screen shots,

Now you have deleted your Facebook business manager account successfully.


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