How To Prevent Your Facebook Account From Hackers

How to prevent Facebook account from hackers
Ho to prevent Facebook account from hackers

Use of social networking sites is also a way to trendsetter today. As well as these are contributing to the continuous media. But today the hackers misusing others' accounts for their different types of mistreating activities and also became a natural phenomenon.

To protect users' accounts from hackers Facebook Company has launched a new notification feature. This notification feature alerts you by sending warning notification even the government-sponsored agencies to spy on your accounts. Then how to get a notification? How to get the safety? To know more read the article in detail below.

Facebook's new notification feature

Facebook has launched a new notification feature, that even government-sponsored agencies spying on your Facebook account, you will get notification.

Protection of espionage only if you give login consent

The message comes for your approval to protect the account from Facebook users. If you click for approval the message code will receive on your mobile. Then you can login to your account by using this message code.

Notification even government sponsored agencies espionages

Facebook users have already been given this message. Click here to see the notification message from Facebook. Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamas has said that this is important information to all Facebook users to know significance of their accounts.

It is possible to prevent from hackers

Facebook has launched this new notification to protect from small and national-level hackers.

Update your system to avoid hackers

Make ON your Login Approval. By enabling login approval you can avoid others to login in to your account. How to do?

  • Login to your Facebook account > Settings > Security > Login Approvals then check the box as shown below and you have done.

Protect your Facebook account from hackers
Protect your Facebook account from hacking

Note:  If you don't find Login Approvals option and it is missing on your Facebook account login click here to find the same.

Login Approval process is a good facility

When you access your Facebook account in a new browser and devices then Facebook sends the code to your mobile.

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Consider Facebook's further notifications seriously.


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  1. Good security initiative from Facebook for Facebook users

  2. Its worked for my Facebook account Sir. Thank you

  3. Login Approvals option is not appearing on my Facebook account. Any solutions?

    1. Santosh

      There is a note in the post about how to find login approvals. Please follow the click here link

  4. If you are a small business owner with a product or service to promote but you also wish to personally enjoy the benefits of Facebook, then I recommend creating two separate accounts to best protect your Facebook