How To Change WhatsApp Phone Number

WhatsApp is a most popular messenger used in smart phones. But nowadays most of the people adapting some other feature instant messaging applications. Nowadays most of the people keeping more than one SIM for their different requirements and it is not a special thing also. Most of the WhatsApp users do not know how to change their WhatsApp account to a new mobile number. If you are using WhatsApp and would like to change your account to a new number here is a simple way explained below,

If you would like to use another SIM for your WhatsApp, there is an option of number change in WhatsApp. If you are in a group or you’re an admin of a group then no problem. Everything will remain as it is after changing your WhatsApp account to new number. After changing your account to new number the message will be circulated to your WhatsApp friends and groups automatically.

Step 1

Insert the new SIM in your mobile in which you are using WhatsApp messenger.

Step 2

Go to the menu and click on Settings > then Account as shown below,

Step 3

Click on Change number as shown below,

Step 4

Click on NEXT as shown below,

Step 5

Enter your old number and new number and click on DONE as shown below,

Wait for few minutes to change your WhatsApp account from old number to new number and your WhatsApp account will be successfully changed to new phone number.



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