How To Speed Up Google Chrome

To find information on the Internet more and more well-known web browser "Google Chrome" is known to everyone. While searching information through features and applications of Google chrome will get slow even after providing all types of updates. This problem of getting slow while searching information becoming the major headache for smart phone, tablet and computer users.
In this article you will get to know the simple solution to avoid slow-down of Google chrome and also slow-down during webpage loading.

For more speed and quick webpage loading follow the below procedures.

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1.  Disable the refused extensions

In Google chrome if some tools get extensions those operating some functions are always run background. Even this usefulness of background running will effect on slow-down of Google chrome.

  • Go to Customize and control Google Chrome > More tools > Extensions and disable the all saved extensions by unchecked the boxes as shown below,

2.  Disable unwanted plug-ins

Some plug-ins come from Google itself as expansion Apps and installed in your computer. These may slow-down your Google chrome.

  • Go to address bar and type chrome://plugins and press Enter button. Disable the plug-ins which you will be not using as shown below,

3.  Remove unwanted web Apps

Google Chrome have web apps in addition to browser. HTML, CSS, JavaScript will sometimes inhibit websites to load. Remove these if you are not using.

  • Go to address bar and type chrome://apps  and press Enter button. Remove the unwanted apps by right clicking on as shown below,

4.  Enable the Prefetch resources

  • Go to Customize and control Google Chrome > Settings > Show advanced settings… and enable Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly as shown below,

5.  Enable secrete hacks

There are many secret features in Google chrome developed by developers. Even these features are not useful for some computers, these are more useful for few computers. These features load the webpages very quickly and also handle render more quickly.
  • Go to address bar and type chrome://flags  and press Enter button. Enable the features as shown below,

6.  Experimental canvas features

 To enable canvas features...
  • Go to address bar and type chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-canvas-features and press Enter button. Now enable on clicking enable button and then press on Re-launch button as shown below,

     7.  Fast tab/Windows close

The Fast tab/Windows close option will speed up the browser feedback. To enable this option do as follow,
  • Go to address bar and type chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload  and press Enter button. Click on Enable button and then Re-launch Now as shown below,

2    8.  Scroll Prediction

This feature gives the figure future to the browser.
  • Go to address bar and type chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-prediction  and press Enter button. Click on Enable button and then Re-launch Now as shown below,

3    9.  Maximum tiles

Topics of interest based on your browsing history feature, which enables users to open on the tiles in chrome. To increase this, do as follows,
  • Go to address bar and type chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area and press Enter button. Select 512 in drop down and then click on Re-launch Now as shown below,

 10.  Raster threads

Image rendering functions in chrome. If you increase this, image rendering time also increases.

  • Go to address bar and type chrome://flags/#num-raster-threads  and press Enter button. Click default in drop down  and select 4 then click on Re-launch Now as shown below,

  11.   Answer/Suggestions

To learn the answers to many of the problems means the direct answer will get if some websites not loads.
  • To enable this go to address bar and type chrome://flags/#answers-in-suggest  and press Enter button. Click default in drop down  then click on Enable then on Re-launch Now as shown below,



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