How To Become An Expert In Facebook

Facebook is at top today as a social media. Everyone is doing more than the use of this social media. Facebook is not only giving entertainment also come up to provide employment to the people. More and more people today are using their creatives and are demonstrating their skills on Facebook.

This article about Facebook gives you some useful tips are more helpful to you in your daily life. Take a look at following tips to become an expert in Facebook.

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1.  If your Facebook friend posting something which you would not like, then just do as shown below to avoid this.

2.  Activity Log: If you would like to clear the information of locations you have visited just do as shown below.

3.  Video Save: Facebook provides you an option to save the videos. You can save your favorite video. To do so just do as shown below.

Click on the options at right side of the video posted and click on save video.

4.  Facebook Unseen: Chrome application will help you to the Facebook unseen option.

5.  Enable public search: Search engines like Google will always track your posts. If you don’t want your post photos and profile pictures in search engines just unchecked the Enable public search as shown below.

6.  Download a copy: To download your Facebook data go to Settings > General > Download a copy. Here you can download your Facebook data Zip file.

7.  Cover photo: Go to your profile here you will find your profile photo. Click on 3 dot option so that you can view your profile photo.

8.  Unfriend: If you are getting more application invitations from your friends then you can block these invitations without doing your friends unfriend. Go to Settings > Blocking > then select your friends name in Block invites from options as shown below.

9.  Blue color: If you want to change the Facebook page color from blue to other colors just use chrome extension. Go to



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