How To Change Boarding Point After Train Ticket Booked

Many people don’t know how to change boarding point once the train ticket has booked. Yes, you can change your boarding point once you have booked your train ticket. This change of boarding point can only be possible if you have booked your ticket online on IRCTC website. Even you can also change your boarding point by going nearby railway ticket booking counter and submitting filled application. Please note boarding point change can only have done once. If you have already changed your boarding point once and you would like to change once again to the other boarding point, then it will not be possible. Also note boarding point change should be done at least 24 Hrs. before.

Here I have explained how to change boarding point after train ticket booked. Follow the below procedure to know how to change boarding point online on

1.   Login into IRCTC Website with your login ID and password.

2.   After that click on option My Transaction >> ‘Booked Ticket History’.

3.   You will have redirected to booked train tickets page. There you can select the appropriate booked ticket to change boarding point. Now click on change boarding point as shown below,

4.   It will be navigated to ‘Change Boarding Point’ page and where you can see the train details that you are going to modify the boarding point.

5.   Select new boarding point from the drop down under change boarding station section as shown below,

Note: You can click on schedule where you can see the train timings i.e. the arrival & departure to the respective stations. Select the new boarding point with the help of that.

6.   Now click on Change boarding point button. That’s it. Your new boarding point has been changed and recorded in your booked ticket.

During Online train ticket booking if you wish to alter new boarding point before making payment then you can change boarding point as shown below,


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  1. Thanks to provide us detail of board ticket changing. get information of how to irctc log in to book ticket see other details.