How To Hack Wi-Fi Network? Top 8 Android Apps

In the modern phase, nobody can even envisage it’s personal or professional life without internet connection. Wireless hot spots generally known as Wi-Fi can be explored anywhere. Hacking of Wi-Finetwork is not so easy, but you can do it with help of some android Apps. If you are also looking for simple ways to hack Wi-Fi network read this article further.

Everyone know that the few big telecom companies like Airtel Idea, BSNL have not providing free offline SMS services for their large number of customers. If majority of smart phone users use online SMS service for free then it will be a best offer for them. This free online SMS can be used through the well-known applications like WhatsApp that even works well on 2G network. But here also some people search for free Wi-Fi instead of spending money on data packs for them. For those who are searching free Wi-Fi instead of spending money on internet packs, here we are introducing top 8 Apps those can be used to hack Wi-Fi network. These Apps only works on rooted android smartphones. These application can also help in Wi-Fi security.

1.  WPS Connect

WPS Connect is a best application to hack Wi-Fi network in android phone. From this application you can disable other users in hacked WI-Fi network.
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WIFI WPS WPA TESTER App will work well in rooted android phone.
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3    3.   WiFiKill

This App works very good to kill the other devices connected in your Wi-Fi network.
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4    4.   WiFinspect

This application is very helpful for computer security as well as to provide network and monitor the other devices.
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5.   ZANTI Penetration

ZANTI Penetration App will show you the problems in network. This also very helpful for IT Security administrators.
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6    6.  Fing - Network Tools

Fing – Network Tool is a well network analysis tool and also a fast working tool available on google store.
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7    7.   Arpspoof

Arpspoof application is used to redirect the network traffic.
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8    8.  Network Discovery

Network discovery is one of the easy and cool application. To use this App rooting of android is not necessary. You may use this App for free.
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