How To Do Free Phone Calls In Simple Steps

Call free of cost to US and Canada

There will be a very happy movement for you if you allow to call your friends/relatives in US or Canada at free of charge. Everyone loves calling at free of cost. Making phone calls at free of cost is not a big task. You can easily do free phone calls at zero cost. Yes, you can definitely do free phone calls with the help of application called Hangouts Dialer. If you use internet to call your relatives/friends in America or Canada, you will not be charged. That is why people are using Skype to keep in touch with their relatives/friends by chatting and calling. But this can be done only if local phone call prices are down. However, there is a simple method explained here to do free phone calls to your friends/relatives in US and Canada.

Step by step instructions to do free phone calls

Step 1

To do free phone calls first of all you have to get Google number. You can get this number easily by registering on Google voice. Once you get the Google number login to your Google voice account and install the App Hangouts Dialer as shown below.

Call free of cost to US and Canada

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Note:   Hangouts Dialer is available for android users by default on their android device. iOS users should have to download it from Application Store.

Step 2

Once the Hangouts Dialer installation completed, go to the application and launch the application. To call directly dial the numbers. you can call your friends/relatives in US and Canada with 3-hour free usage.

Call free of cost to US and Canada

Step 3

As most of the people using android, it is very easy to call free with Hangouts Dialer application. If you would like to call other countries, even Hangouts Dialer allows you to call at cheap rates by adding balance to your account.

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Conclusion: Calling free to your friends in Canada and US is a simple task through Hangouts Dialer. Definitely the Hangouts Dialer is a free tool available in the internet market for those who loves to call their friends in US and Canada at free of cost. For any technical help please comment below.



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