How To Add AdSense Page-level Ads To Blog

How to add Adsense page-level ads

To monetize your blog content, Ad-Sense Page-level Ads is the best and innovative opportunity. Page-Level Ads are most effective and well performing Ads since Ad-Sense will automatically shows these Page-level Ads at optimal times. Page-level Ads are specially meant for mobile templates hence you can now display Ad-Sense Ads right on your mobile templates also.

Features of Page-level Ads
  • Simple to set up and with Page-level ads you only need to place the ad code on your pages once, and you put the same ad code on each page.
  •  Page-level Ads are optimized hence Ad-Sense will only show Page-level ads when they’re likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.
  • You can turn individual Page-level ad formats on or off from the My ads tab in your AdSense account.

Benefits of Page-level Ads
There are many benefits of AdSense Page-level Ads so that you can increase your AdSense revenue drastically.
  • Increases the AdSense revenue by 2-3 times.
  • It provides better user experience.
  • It does not come under 3 Ads limit.
  • Best suited for mobile templates.
Page-level Ads Types
There are two types of AdSense Page-level Ads at present
Anchor/overlay ads are mobile ads that stick to the edge of the user's screen and are easily admissible.

Vignette ads are mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads on your site and can be skipped by users at any time.
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How To Add Page-level Ads To Your Blog?
1.  Go to Ad-Sense and login to your account.
2.  Click the two toggle buttons to switch-on “Anchor/overlay ads” and “Vignette ads”

How to add Adsense page-level ads

3.   Scroll down and click the Get Code button then copy the code

How to add Adsense page-level ads

4.  Now go to Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML and search (Ctrl + F) for </head> tag

5.  Paste the Page-level Ad code above the </head> tag.
Note: You will also need to replace the attribute async with async=”async” in order to help complete the process, otherwise blogger will give you error message. Once completed the process save the blogger template.
How to add Adsense page-level ads

How to test whether Page-level Ads implemented on your blog or not?
After installation of Page-level Ads, get out your mobile device so you can test the AdSense Page-level Ads and see if they are working correctly. You will need to be a visitor to your site in order to check out the ads.
  • Type #googleads at the end of URL so you can start to access them.
  • Select the ad format from the tabbed box that will appear above the body of blog.
  • Check out the ads.
If you are impressed with what you see , then it is ready to go. Enjoy the AdSense Page-level Ads with full pledge.


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