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Sunday, October 09, 2016

How To Make Voice Calls On WhatsApp in 3 Steps

How to make voice calls on WhatsApp
How to make voice calls on WhatsApp

Making voice calls on "WhatsApp" is very easy and simple. You can talk to your friends, family members who are using "WhatsApp" through voice calling facility. Through this calling facility you will not be charged any money but it needs an active internet connection.

According to the latest "WhatsApp" news, more than 100 million voice calls have made on "WhatsApp" till date. "WhatsApp" users are making more than 1100 voice calls in a minute. As per recent news "WhatsApp" is well competing to Skype. "WhatsApp" having more than 300 million monthly active users.
After facilitating voice calling facility on "WhatsApp" on Jan-2014, it is getting more popular than any other service providers. As "WhatsApp" getting more international calls, it has started charging for international calls.
As per "WhatsApp" news "WhatsApp" video calling feature also getting more popular similar to Messenger and Skype. Users have enjoying end to end feature of "WhatsApp" and at the same time "WhatsApp" is also maintaining user’s privacy in well mode.

Step step instructions to make "WhatsApp" voice calls

Step 1:

First of all, you have to download latest version (2.11.561) of WhatsApp to make voice calls. For latest WhatsApp application Click here (Latest WhatsApp application)

How to make voice calls on WhatsApp

Step 2:

After installation of latest version of WhatsApp on your android phone open the application and click on Calls menu and then tap on + option at the top right corner of the screen as shown below,
How to make voice calls on WhatsApp

Step 3:

After clicking on + option select any one from the list to whom you would like to call as shown below,

How to make voice calls on WhatsApp

Now you are making an active voice call (as shown below in screen shot) on your WhatsApp application.

How to make voice calls on WhatsApp

By going through above step by step instructions you can easily make WhatsApp voice calls to any number. For any technical help please comment below.

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