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Monday, September 19, 2016

How To Send Large Videos To Your Friends Free In 3 Steps

How to send large videos to your friends
How to transfer large videos to your friends

Sending large videos or files to your friends or relatives through internet is very easy and simple. You can send up to 2 GB videos with the help of "Wetransfer.com" very easily. If your friend is so far away from you and you have to send a large video to him urgently then "Wetransfer.com" is a best option for you.

You cannot send a cinema in "WhatsApp". In "WhatsApp" you can send maximum of 16 MB files or videos. You can also send large videos or files through Google Drive, but you need to upload videos two times in which you are wasting data unnecessarily.
After searching on internet for best option to send large videos I found "Wetransfer.com" is a better option. Through "Wetransfer.com" you can send large videos to your friends very quickly for free by providing yours and your friend’s e-mail, even you need not to sigh-up or register.

Step by step instructions to send large videos through Wetransfer

Step 1:

Go to www.wetransfer.com and click on "Add files" then add the video saved on your computer. Now below that, provide your friends E-mail ID and your E-mail ID too as shown below in screen shot.

Note:   If you want to send your large video to more than one friend you can add their E-mail ID’s too by clicking on "Add more friends".

How to send large videos to your friends

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Step 2:

After adding your video, your friend’s E-mail ID and your E-mail ID, click on Transfer tab to transfer the video to your friend/friends and wait for few minutes as shown below,

How to send large videos to your friends

Step 3:

After it goes to 100% transferring it will show Transfer complete. Click on Okay button to complete the process.

How to send large videos to your friends

Now your large video file has been sent to your friend. Your friend may enjoy the video you have sent to him by visiting his mail Inbox.

I hope from above step by step tricks you can now send large videos to your friends through mail account. For any technical help please comment below.

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