How to Use JIO SIM in Airtel Dongle

How to Use JIO SIM in Airtel Dongle

Today I am going to tell you a useful trick so that you can use your "JIO SIM" in your "Airtel dongle". Using "JIO SIM" in "Airtel dongle" is very simple and you can do it very quick. The fact how the "JIO" impacted on people is known to everyone. The glamorous offers from JIO is making the people to stand in Q in front of Reliance store to get "JIO SIM." JIO 4G trend is increasing day by day in country.

As per news the "JIO SIM" can only be used in 4G handsets and L WiFi devices and accordingly the users are using right devices for their "JIO 4G SIM". With this some people are investigating by using SIM in their 2G, 3G devices also. Likewise using "JIO 4G SIM" in your "Airtel dongle" is also an investigation and you can successfully do this. To use your "JIO SIM" in your "Airtel dongle" follow the below step by step tricks.

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Step by step tricks to use JIO 4G SIM in Airtel dongle.

There are many options to get "JIO SIM". As you are already aware how to get "JIO SIM", today I will teach you how to use "JIO SIM" in your "Airtel dongle".

How to Use JIO SIM in Airtel Dongle

Insert the SIM in Dongle

Insert your "JIO SIM" to "Airtel dongle" and connect your dongle to your PC or laptop. Wait till establish the connection. Please note your dongle should support 4G.
APN Settings
Once you have connected the dongle to PC or laptop, wait till get connected. If your dongle is not connected automatically, go to your dongle "Settings" >> "Notifications Panel" and change the "APN Settings" as below,

Access point name: Jionet 

and leave the all columns empty and click OK.

In Windows 7, the APN settings will be automatically detected. If you are using Windows 7 and below versions dongle will set all APN settings automatically and no need to change any APN settings.
How to Use JIO SIM in Airtel Dongle

Check your Internet Connection

Now open any website on your PC or laptop and confirm the web pages are accessing. If you are able to access the internet, then you are using your "JIO SIM" on your "Airtel dongle" successfully.

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Conclusion: Using "JIO SIM" in "Airtel dongle" is very easy and you can use it without any big changes in settings. It is just inserting the "JIO SIM" in your "Airtel dongle" and changing APN settings. For any technical help comment below.


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