How to Use Same PIN for Your All ATM Cards

ATM users can use same PIN numbers for their all ATM debit cards. Many people having more than one bank account in different banks with more than one ATM cards. To remember all ATM PIN’s for different ATM debit cards is very crucial and even some time you may enter wrong PIN and card may get locked. For this some people are searching solution for it. Setting a same PIN for all your ATM debit cards is a best idea so that you can easily use your all ATM debit cards without any difficulty. Yes, you can set the same ATM PIN for all your ATM debit cards very easily with the help of ATM machine. To change your ATM PIN as one for your whole ATM debit cards follow the below steps.

Step 1:

If you are having any bank’s ATM card swipe the card in ATM. Then select the Banking in scree and select your compatible language.
After selecting language, you will be asked your PIN. Enter your old PIN.

Step 2:

After you enter your old PIN the new screen will be opened with various options. Now select PIN change option.

Step 3:

Once you select PIN Change option, you will be asked to enter four-digit new PIN number. Enter your new PIN number and enter again your new PIN number when asked.

Step 4:

Once your new PIN number changed you will get a receipt and also shown on ATM screen about your new PIN changed. Now you are done. Likewise following above steps you can easily change your PIN for your all ATM debit cards and set a single PIN for all.

Conclusion: It is recommended to change with same ATM PIN for all your debit cards to avoid confusion and safe usage of your ATM cards. By doing this you will be very comfortable using your all ATM debit cards without any difficulty.


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