How to Download Streaming Videos Online

How to Download Streaming Video Online

Watching video streaming online is one of the most popular activity in today’s internet world. More than sixty percentage of people among online users prefer watching videos through online TV or other traditional platforms.

If you were learning a new course on the internet, you would want to re-watch it whenever you face some difficulty with certain things. Following your instincts, you will open the respective website, search for the video, and re-watch it. To save time and money wasting through internet data, it is better idea to download the video once and watch it as and when required.
There is a variety of ways that you can download or save streaming videos from the internet. The method you use will depend on where you are streaming the video from is protected. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo with free videos from multiple sources tend to be unprotected and a bit easier.

Follow the below step by step instructions to download the streaming videos

Step 1: 
Visit this website and download the respective JDownloader 2 installer from the link.

How to Download Streaming Video Online

Step 2:
Install the JDownloader 2 app on your PC/Mac and open it.

Step 3: 
Now, visit the website, which has the video you intend to download.

Step 4: 
Copy the URL of that page, paste it in the JDownloader 2 app, and add the URL to it.

How to Download Streaming Video Online

Step 5: 
The JDownloader 2 will automatically detect all the videos present in the page from which you can pick whichever the ones you need to download. That is it!


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