15 Questions That Newbie Bloggers Have in Their Mind?

15 Questions That Newbie Bloggers Have in Their Mind?

Are you a new Blogger?
Or you have just heard about the terms SEO, blogging, making money online and other related things.
And then I am sure that after reading this post you will agree that these are the Questions that comes to the mind of newbie bloggers.
So what happens when a new person enters into the field of internet marketing, web designing, digital marketing, and SEO?
  • The First Question that comes to the mind of most of the newbie bloggers is “Is it really Possible to make money Online?”
  • If yes, then How to make Online?
  • Is Monetizing their website with AdSense or other monetization networks is Good, or Affiliate marketing will be best for them.
  • What should they do start “A blog or Website?”
  • How to start their Own Blog?
  • Whether to start a blog using the free blogging platforms or use a self-hosted website.
  • After Choosing a platform, what kind of Niche they should choose. Choose a single for their blog or go with a Multi-niche Blog.
  • How they should write good content for their Blog.
  • And then the biggest question that newbie bloggers have in their mind​​ is how to get Google AdSense approval? 
Check out this post @ ShoutMeLoud“How To Get Google AdSense Approved.”​
  • Once got the Approval, then another question appears up. How many are Google AdSense ad units allowed per page?
  • How to get more Organic traffic to their blogs.
  • How to rank on Google first page without any back links?
  • How to rank on Google as Quick as possible?
  • And One of the most asked question these days; How to increase domain authority of their Blog?
  • What are the best techniques used to Build Quality Links?

OK. Let us move further to get some solutions to above questions now.

One of the best ways to create and build your personal brand is through blogging. When done right, blogs help you gain online credibility and authority on your chosen subject matter by providing you with a widely accessible platform to share your stories, express your feelings, and offer advice and insights that can help readers.

However, making a blog wouldn’t be as easy as pie. There are lot of things and methods you’d have to learn and follow.

The first step to creating a blog is to identify which type you are most interested in. Make sure to choose wisely, as you will have to stick with it until you decide to create another blog. Look below some blog types may suit your interest.

Niche Blogs
Niche blogs are those that talk about the blogger’s specific interests. It can be about cooking, movies, music, fashion, makeup, arts, traveling etc.. Usually, all content in this type of blog is centered on the “niche” chosen by the author. However, venturing into other topics every once in awhile is of course possible.

Personal Blogs
For this type of blog, it mainly discusses the personal emotions of the author. It will be about life experiences, struggles, memories, and people who made a change in the writer’s life. It aims to share and inspire readers. This type of blog is considered as common blog which lot of readers like mostly.

Forum Blogs
Forum blogs are made to make a responsive community out of avid readers. It is a safe space wherein the blogger encourages the readers to ask questions, react, share their opinions, and express their feelings toward a certain topic.

Review Blogs
Lastly, a review blog is usually where the author shares his or her personal point-of-view about a certain product, service, or business establishment. This can be reviews on the latest gadgets, movies, books, places, foods, and even experiences. It also motivates the readers to share their insights to help other readers.

There may be some questions which newbie bloggers could have in their mind. So, if you are a newbie blogger and you have any question in your mind or struggling with that, then please share your question with me, and I will be happy to help.


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