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Monday, August 07, 2017

Drive Your Existing Blog Post to Top Search Results with SEMrush

Drive your existing blog post to top search results with SEMrush

Have you frustrated by lack of page views and poor performance of your particular blog post? You might realize that some of your blog posts may appearing in top search results and driving the traffic very consistently. On other hand, some posts are not doing well. Do you think the posts that are not driving traffic to your blog are the opportunities to work on and get more traffic to your blog?  Yes you can reactivate your low performing posts with simple tricks by using SEMrush with free of cost. Here I am sharing you the tricks that I have experimented and it has really worked for me. You can also experiment for your low performing blog posts by using SEMrush and drive more traffic to your blog.
While you are searching for SEO of your blog or blog post online, you might heard importance of "Keywords" or "Organic Keywords". Do you think "Keywords" are the key factors to appear your blog posts in top search results? In my view Yes. Keywords are the prime factors those can put your blog post at top in search results. While keywords are not quite as important as they used to be, they are still a necessary element of SEO. Doing some basic keyword research will help you find keywords that your target market is searching for, and words that you have a chance of ranking for.
Then how can we work with these keywords? How can we use these keywords in blog posts? Where can we get these keywords? Definitely, we have answers for all these questions. To know more and push your existing blog posts at top search results follow the below tricks.

Step 1:
Go to SEMrush website and enter URL of your particular blog post & click on "Start now" as shown below,

Use semrush to push your blog post to top search

It will list all the money and traffic keywords you are ranking for along with other vital details such as:
"ORGANIC SERACH & PAID SEARCH" through which you can know your "Keywords" & "Traffic Cost".

"BACKLINKS" through which you can get details of "Referring Domains" & "Referring IPs".

"DISPLAY ADVERTISING" through which you can get details of "Publishers" & "Advertisers" etc. and

Details of "TOP ORGANIC KEYWORDS" like "Keyword Position", "Volume" & "CPC".

Semrush keyword report for your blog post

Step 2:
Now Copy the individual keyword phrases from the list and put in your existing blog post’s content within double invited comma like "Your Listed Organic Keyword". Some of the keywords you have picked should be in first paragraph of the post and some in between and remaining at the end of post content.

Step 3:
After editing your existing blog post with adding keywords, update the post as shown below,

SEMrush to increase blog  traffic

Step 4:
Now go to your Google Webmasters and login to your account. Update your Sitemap and wait for 2-3 days so that Google can crawl your changes and put your updated particular post on top search results.

Note: To confirm your experiment you should have record your search rank before to apply above said SEMrush tricks. By doing so your existing post definitely appear in top search, results and you will realize that your updated post moved from bottom search result to the top.

For any difficulties, please comment below.


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