Tricks to Earn Money with 1XBET Online Betting Website

Tricks to Earn Money with 1XBET Online Betting Website

There is no doubt at all that online betting has become one of the largest wagering options available at many of the sports-books now. Actually, it has become so big such that any bookmakers that do not have it portray a lack of resources and technology with the capability of handling the constant updating numbers that online betting has to deal with. For cricket betting lovers in India online betting websites gives a safe and tension free platforms. One of the bookmakers that have succeeded in providing its players with the best experience in terms of online betting is the 1xbet. Not only does it happen to be one of the most renowned betting platforms, but it also happens to have a variety of sections ranging from live sport, casino, slots, bingo, bonus games, and virtual sports. In addition to offering a number of benefits, 1xbet also happens to offer its players an easy and convenient way to deposit and withdraw funds by including local bank transfers, Bitcoins, wire transfer, debit and credit cards.

Live Betting Odds at 1XBET

If there is one thing that causes the bettors at 1xbet to be completely dazzled, it is definitely, without a doubt, the fact that it has a myriad of market options and some of the very best odds in comparison to other betting platforms. You will find that 1xbet has splendid prices and some of the very best odds in the industry. The fact that they have a high payout percentage of 96% also makes them one of the best businesses in the industry as well. Apart from having the best odds, they also happen to have well laid out and well-defined odds in order for you to get attracted to them.

Betting on Cricket Match with 1XBET Makes You to Earn

Here I would like share some tricks to earn a decent money with playing online on 1XBET platform. The Indian punters mainly like to bet on cricket games. Out of 100 people there are 90 in number loves to do betting on cricket in India. So betting on cricket is a always good option to earn money. Betting on every sports which are not known to you well makes no sense. Betting on those sports which you know about each and every part of that sport makes you more comfortable.
For an example consider a cricket match between India & West Indies. Since you are a cricket lover you know the players playing for each country and their recent form. Beore to bet on India V/s West Indies match just study about venue where the match taking place to play, study the playing 11 squad, study the recent form of each player, study the previous head-to-head results.
In cricket betting only on Match Wins, First Innings Runs and Most Match Sisex will be the good Odd selections. Never try each event of the match like , Next Man Out, Next Ball Runs, Player of the Match etc…

How to Win with ‘First Innings Runs’ Event?

Betting on First Innings Runs is always winning event in online live cricket betting. Before to put bets on this event just watch the pitch report by experts/commentators. If the pitch is said to be flat and good for batting then the average runs in first innings should always be 160 to 170. If the strong team is playing first then the score may be reach 170 to 180 in Twenty20 match. Just go for the 3-Way 1st Innings betting option and bet on more than 160 runs or 170 runs.
If pich report is slow pich and diicult to bat on, then you should bet on below 160 runs or 170 runs. In other hand what ever may be the pich report If 2 or more wickets falls down in first six overs, then you should place the bet above runs to the given odd in twenty20 matches.

How to Win With Most Match Sixes?

Most match sixes event is not related to strong team, or venue or any other factors. It is totally depends upon the playing 11 players. If Criss Galye is playing, Dwyne Smith is playing, Carlos Braithwaite is playing then definitely West Indies is going to hit more sixes than India. Put on West Indies for the event ‘More Match Sixes’ so that you will be definitely win the bet. So this event is totally depends upon the players who are capable of hitting big shots.

How to Win 'Match Win' Event?

Match Win event (odd) is completely measured on overall team performance. Venue & recent team performance totally decides who are going to be win. If India is even also playing in West Indies have more chances to win the match because the team is better than West Indies and their performance from last some months is very good. So go and place the bet on India win even you are getting small winning amount considering odd in favour of India. Thinking to win big amount by betting on West Indies makes no sense.


So the tricks shared above to earn money with events ‘First Innings Runs’ , ‘Total Match Sixes’ and ‘Match Wins’ on 1XBET website are the best option to make money with online betting. Lot of people say that online betting is not good and you always loose the money, but as per me if you follow the tricks shared above, you will definitely make the money with no doubt.
To join 1XBET and try with small amount just Click Here or click on above banner add and register your account and try playing with your first deposit. For your first deposit 1XBET also gives the 100% first deposit bonus. For any query please comment below.



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