Soccer and Cricket Online Betting Tricks

Soccer and cricket betting tricks

Winning bets on sports is not an easy task; it needs lot of studies and background of teams playing each other and their recent form, playing 11 status, Head-to-Head results and at the same time predictions predicted by commentators and punters.

Before to wage on any match you have to go on net and search for above said factors before to start the match OR before to bet on particular sport event. First, you have to search for various punters, commentators predictions made on that particular event. Out of 10, 7-8 matches will results in line with predictions of punters and commentators. To get these prediction data you simply search on internet and you will get very easily.
Second thing is player’s forms, Head-to-Head results, and Playing 11’s recent form. These data also you will get on searching internet.
For example any cricket player made a century in his last match will definitely make some more runs in his next match OR in that particular series. Backing this player may get help you in winning your bets.

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Soccer Betting Tricks
The popular online betting on soccer is Goals-Over/Under market. The 50% of overall match betting are wagered on this market if you consider a particular match. Rather than betting on team wins, betting on Over/Under event will be the more  easy and profitable. The tricks mentioned below can be considered while betting on in play live soccer matches.
  • Always search on internet for pitch reports, commentator predictions and punter predictions. Prediction made by commentators and punters will always results positive more that 70-75%.
  • Avoid placing pre-match bets; you will get more valued Odds after 10-15 minutes of match start.
  • Always back to the strong team, never run behind loose team for higher Odd value.
  • Decide to bet on favorite team, wait for 20-30 minutes for good Odd value and bet after on favorite team you have decided before match start.
  • Always bet on Goals- Over/Under event. Important is if the number of goals made in first half are very less like 0-1 goal, the 75% of matches end in making goals not more than 2 goals, so you may bet on O/U goal score as “Match Goals Under 2.5” In this case winning probability is more.
  • Always Cash-out your bet if you realize 40-50% profit on your particular placed bet.
  • Betting on soccer matches which are live on TV channel and that you are able to watch the live in-play match will be the better choice so that you can guess which team is playing better and which team is not. The team hitting more Shots on Target has more chances of making the goal.
  •  If underdog team makes first goal, placing bet on events like “Double Chance” OR “Win” on strong team can make your bet win at the end of match.
  • If the number of goals in first half made are more than 3-4, please note in the second half also the number of goals will be more in 75% of soccer matches. So make your bet on “Number of Goals O 5.5 OR 6.5.
  • Never bet on the events like “Next 10 minutes Goals” “Goal Scorer” “Team to Score Next Goal” etc...
  • More than 75% of matches, the goals scored in Second-Half is more with compared to First-Half. So wait until Second-Half and place your bet on favorite team for Win.
  •  If the particular soccer match has passed more than 60-65 minutes and no goal scored, there is 70-75% of chances that the goal will be scored in remaining minutes, so place your bet on “Goals Over 0.5”
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Cricket Betting Tricks
Cricket is always bets sport for betting online because you will get more time to study in In-Play match. Even you can easily predict the event after first 10-15 overs in One-Day match and in 5-6 overs in T20 match.
  • Always place your bets on favorite team. If even underdog team makes more than average score in Fist Innings, backing favorite team for Win will be the winning choice.
  • Do not place your bets on events like “Man of the Match” “Most Six Scorer” “Highest Wicket Taker” “Top Team Batsman” “Top Team Bowler” etc….
  • If the ground is small and pitch is batsmen friendly, place your bets on events like “First Innings Runs Over” always.
  • In 50 over match, if the team playing first makes the scores 150-175 in first 30 overs with loss of wicket not more than 1-2 then the score in 50 overs at the end of match will be more than 300 runs. Placing bets on “First Innings score” Over 300 runs will be the winning bets.
  • In a match if the team playing first will losses the early wickets like 3-4 wickets in first 10-15 overs for 50-60 runs, then the final First Innings Score will be less than average. In this case placing bets on “First Innings Score Under” is best choice
  • If the pitch is bowler friendly and there is lots of turn then the spin bowlers will be more effective. If the team playing their best spin bowlers and have more spin bowling choices, then there are more chances of First Innings Score is less than average score.
  • Number of Sixes scored in T20 matches will always more than 50 over matches. Make your bets on “ Match Sixes Under” in 50 over matches and “Match Sixes Over” in T20 matches
  • Chasing runs more than 300-320 is always tough in 50 over matches. So placing bets on team for win that has made 300-320 runs in their first innings will be the winning bets.
  • In T20 matches, if two equally strong teams are playing there is maximum chances of getting both teams go favorite in In-play event. So placing your bets on both teams when Odds come in your favor will be Risk-free profitable bets.


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